The Pluto period birth chart

The Pluto period birth chart provides a forecast of Lower and Higher Pluto’s influence on specific interests, activities and sectors of the global agenda for the life of the period.

Chart data is February 18, 1930 at 4.00pm MST, 35N12; 111W39.

Source: Clyde W Tombaugh in Out of the Darkness, The Planet Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of groups, cooperation, coercion, inversion, fake information, misinformation, dictators, terrorists, bullies, trolls, pedophiles, mass murder, spirituality, high moral principles, noble endeavor, deep concern for the welfare of all living things and the influence of non-physical intelligences.

Pluto is in house 12 – crime, organized crime, crime networks, criminals, the secret enemies of society, detectives, spies, secret agents, intelligence agencies, undercover activities, organized crime-fighting networks , prisons, hospitals, asylums, relief, relief work, welfare, philanthropy, charities, secret societies, secret deals, behind the scenes activity, research work, exclusion, isolation, restriction, limitation, sorrow and disappointment.

Pluto in house 12 is secret enemy #1

S/he’s undercover, out of the public eye, working behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows and stalking in the dark.

S/he’s a secret agent, spy, detective, research worker, philanthropist, volunteer, and criminal.

S/he’s specializing in spying, espionage, corruption, crime-fighting, intelligence gathering, research work, philanthropy, inversion and the distortion and falsification of information.

S/he’s disseminating fake news and misinformation.

S/he’s rehabilitating criminals in the prisons, tending the sick in the hospitals and providing relief for those in distress.

And s/he’s isolating countries and causing sorrow, restriction and heavy disappointment.

Pluto and house 5

Pluto is cusp ruler of house 5 – children, teenagers, the birth rate, IVF programs, adoption industry, sex, sexual activity; recreation, amusement, concerts, movies, sport, gambling, speculation; the stock market, risks, hazards and schools.

Here Pluto separates children from their parents.

S/he’s infiltrated teenage gangs, singing groups, sport, the movies, the gaming industry, amusement parks, entertainment venues and schools.

S/he’s engaged in sex crimes, sexual harassment and pedophilia.

S/he’s intimidating and threatening children and terrorizing students.

S/he’s gambling crazy, fixing the race, manipulating stock prices and engaged in insider trading.

And s/he’s causing the world’s population to explode.

Pluto’s aspects

Pluto sesquisquare (agitation) the Sun (politicians) in house 8 (debt, taxes and insurance) signs for widespread political corruption, political division, tax avoidance and death insurance.

Pluto trine (luck) the Moon (the common people) in house 4 (homes, housing, natural disasters and weather events) indicates housing benefits and philanthropic assistance for those suffering natural disaster.

Pluto sesquisquare (agitation) Venus in house 8 signs for unholy matrimony, a financial affair, a fatal physical love attraction and the harassment of women.

He’s having a coercive influence on women.

He has the power to deprive them of their basic rights.

He has the power to silence.

Pluto parallel Saturn in house 6 has a coercive-selfish influence on labor, employment trends, illness and eating habits.

Saturn stands for unemployment and poverty.

And Pluto semisquare (friction) Neptune in house 2 (finances and banks) signs for financial obsessions, grand financial illusions, corruption, widespread white-collar crime, scamming, fraud, a worldwide drug problem and a drug trade netting billions of dollars.

The Pluto Period marks for a perilous phase in the Aquarius story where selfishness, orthodoxy and materialism and humanitarian endeavor, enlightenment, and spirituality are engaged in a mighty conflict.

Author: DW Sutton

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