The new planet, Pluto

The new planet, Pluto

In 1930, when Planet X was discovered, very few astrology students could calculate an accurate birth chart.

It’s a tricky, complex calculation.

But those who could were eager for information on the new planet.

In June 1930 Elbert Benjamine responded.

The new planet, Pluto

If the ancients were right about the influence of this tenth planet of our chain, it exerts a mediumistic force similar to that of the Moon, only of a more refined nature.

Moving out from the Sun, Mercury is the first planet, and Uranus, the first discovered modern planet, is its octave expression.

The next planet from the Sun is Venus, and Neptune, the second planet to be discovered, is an octave expression of Venus.

If this system continues, the third discovered new planet – the one just discovered – should have an influence that is an octave expression of the Earth – the influence of which is reflected by the Moon.

If this be the case, it has a pronounced influence upon the mind in its subtler phases, particularly influencing the ability to converse through voluntary thought transference, with beings upon the inner (astral) planes of life.

Angel and devil

Undoubtedly Pluto has much to do with spiritual aspirations.

The vibrations of Pluto seem to be finer and more subtle than those of either Uranus or Neptune, and they certainly make the person sensitive to the higher influence of the invisible world.

Pluto is the spiritual planet.

But on his adverse side he is outstandingly drastic.

As co-ruler of Scorpio Pluto tends somewhat to an association of sex with its crimes and in particular sex crimes against children.

But even when sex is not involved the most atrocious crimes, and the most viciously criminal, come under its influence.

Pluto in the sky

Not only does Pluto swing more than twice as far to the north and south of the path of the Sun as do the other planets, but the eccentricity of its orbit points to its significance as a transitional influence.

As symbolizing the peak of spirituality, toward which its higher influence inclines, it moves at times over 17 degrees north of the ecliptic carrying its higher endeavors a full eight degrees above the ancient boundaries of the zodiac.

While the selfish materiality, toward which its inversive influence inclines with equal intensity, is well represented by its movement at times to over 17 degrees south of the ecliptic, a full eight degrees lower than the old boundaries of the zodiac.

Nor is this moving entirely out of bounds without its practical significance for in the birth charts of those who most successfully devote themselves to universal welfare, we find the planet Pluto prominent; and progressed aspects to it give them an impulse to such truly spiritual work.

On the other hand, those most successful in enslaving humanity with inversive doctrines, and those who commit the most revolting crimes, have this planet prominent in their birth charts and progressed aspects to it stimulate them to acts of special iniquity.

Pluto’s influence is to divide people into two contending groups.

Under the influence of Pluto the world at present is in a state of transition to an entirely new condition.

There is a violent struggle between the constructive element who would give greater liberty to people’s minds and those working just as energetically to dominate, for their own selfish purposes, the mentality and spirituality of the human race.

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