About Pluto

Pluto is either strongly right and constructive or strongly wrong and destructive.

He’s never milk and water.

The noble feelings that motivate the social worker to alleviate suffering and the ruthless feelings that motivate the terrorist to kill are ruled by Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of spirituality and evil wickedness.

His influence can be observed in events involving groups, cooperation, teamwork, collaboration, consensus, compulsory participation, terrorism, mass murder, mobs, mob violence, corruption, coercion, division, disunity, drastic action, mass production, division of labor, television, radio, internet, universal welfare, activist peace-keeping and the common good.

He’s the planet of persuasion, manipulation, drastic measures, inversion, fake-news, misinformation, the distortion or suppression of facts, atheism and globalization.

Pluto rules the inner-astral-world that awaits investigation.

He rules invisible intelligences and understands how invisible forces can be manipulated to provide a definite result.


The Pluto effect is most obvious in groups that are formed to accomplish some purpose.

This can be either beneficial to society or opposed to society’s welfare.

The United Nations, The British Commonwealth, The European Union, the Mafia, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, environmental groups, human-welfare groups, animal welfare groups, singing groups, baseball teams, cooperatives, criminal gangs, terror groups and crime syndicates are all ruled by Pluto.

And the ability of the group to stay united is directly influenced by the ability of its individual members to cooperate.

His message is clear and simple: integrate or disintegrate.

Cooperation or coercion

Pluto recognizes the benefits of cooperation.

He’s the planet of cooperation.

Cooperation is achieved through mutual agreement or coercion.

If group members don’t collaborate Pluto uses coercion, threats, intimidation, harassment and pressure tactics to compel cooperation.

He’s the planet of coercion and coercive crack-downs.

Coercive pressure is always being applied behind the scenes.

Division and disunity

Next to group activity, division and disunity are Pluto’s most characteristic influence.

When he’s afflicted the group can split into two rival factions.

And even when unafflicted the forming of one group to accomplish some purpose is usually the occasion for the formation of another group to prevent its purpose being realized.

The conflict of opposing interests, next to group activity, is the most outstanding expression of Pluto.

Bureaus, commissions and committees

Pluto accomplishes his work through groups of people – commissions, bureaus and committees – and has little regard for the common people.

He prefers specialists and gives them the responsibility of working out what the best action is and what should be done.

He gives dictatorial power to a person or a small group and holds them responsible for the results.

Pluto when dealing with the common people always dictates and compels.

He’s the planet of drastic action, conscription and compulsory measures.

He rules dictators and those who wield dictatorial power.

He favors monopoly ownership as a way of getting everything for himself.

Crime, crime networks and nuclear weapons

Pluto is the planet of crime, organized crime, crime networks, kidnappings, suicide bombings, hit-men, rogue groups, rogue countries, nuclear energy, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, and unspeakable atrocities.

Fake news, misinformation and inversion

Pluto is the planet of propaganda.

He relies on mass media – television, radio and internet – to deliver his worldview to you.

Pluto rules radio, radio stations, radio broadcasters, television, television announcers, the internet, lobbyists and bullies.

The word propaganda has evolved into the subtle practice of communicating a point of view with the ultimate goal of getting you to voluntarily accept it as if it were your own.

Pluto rules the ‘get what you can for yourself at any cost’ attitude and the ‘blame the victim’ mentality.

Upper and Lower-Pluto

The thoughts, feelings and impulses that reside in the human mind have the same frequencies as their astrological correlates.

They instigate behavior and there’s great diversity in expression.

Pluto’s thought-spectrum ranges from those that are exceedingly elevated and noble to those that are exceedingly vile and despicable.

The humanitarian worker and criminal exist side by side.

His extreme nature displays itself as the very best and very worst in human behavior.

The two extremes are identified as Upper-Pluto and Lower-Pluto.

Author: DW Sutton

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