A brief history of Lower-Pluto

At recurrent periods of history the Lower-Pluto forces have overrun much of the world.

Their objective is to prevent humanity from contacting truly spiritual information, to hold it on the plane of the brutes, to enslave intellect, and to use the human soul for their own selfish purposes.

To accomplish these fiendish purposes, at different eras they have had recourse to different methods.

The caste system of India is one method they have used.

This doctrine teaches that the oppressors of the populace, who live in ease and luxury at the expense of the toil, blood and suffering of those less fortunate, have gained this advantage through meritorious deeds in past lives.

Lower-Pluto was the force that commenced the Dark Ages during which illiteracy was all but universal and religious zeal manifested in crusades in which myriads perished.

Early in the fourteenth century BC, wise and spiritual Akhenaton was able to teach the Religion of the Stars to the populace of Egypt.

But, on his death, Tutankhamen, came into power.

He gained rulership through aid of the Lower-Pluto forces, who immediately restored their predatory priests to power.

Pluto in the Age of Aquarius

History records that Lower-Pluto regularly moves to stifle humanity’s spiritual progress.

The actions it takes are determined by time and place.

What happened in the past can be reviewed to determine what’s likely to occur in the present.

The past can identify the problem but history is not a ready reference packed with solutions.

World leaders and historians can look to history to find solutions to current problems, but solving problems is not a rear vision exercise.

It can’t be assumed that humanity’s story is a series of repeating events that are the result of behavior – actions and reactions – causes and solutions – that can be observed retrospectively.

The past can be used as a learning tool, but the same human behavior expresses in a constantly changing environment.

And the astrological environment, that pulls the strings, is constantly changing too.

So the recurring astrological events are never exactly the same and neither are the events they cause.

When observed closely history never really repeats itself.

The influence of Lower-Pluto and its potential for harm must be judged by its activity in various astrology charts and the environmental setting here on Earth in which these charts operate.

The Age of Aquarius commenced in 1881.

It promises knowledge and enlightenment but Lower-Pluto has anti-enlightenment intentions.

The spiritual and other truths flowing from the great urn in the sky had to be suppressed or distorted by a campaign of misinformation.

The discovery of Pluto in 1930 provided the Lower-Pluto forces with a perfect opportunity to start their anti-spiritual campaign of terror, misinformation, coercion, crime and corruption.

Aquarius and its knowledge made the conditions here on Earth very suitable for the master of menace to sow his evil deeds.

The same Lower-Pluto forces that have always lurked in the shadows were once again on the march.

But due to the time and place they’re now using atheistic materialism as the inversive religious concept by which they are determined to re-establish their tyrannical power.

We do not expect the Lower-Pluto forces which are determined to chain the human soul to the rock of materialism to succeed as they have done so often in the past.

We expect after great upheavals in world affairs that they will be defeated.

A new and better order of society will emerge.

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