Lower-Pluto, explained

Emanating from the lower, dark side of Pluto come the most malefic, sinister and evil impulses in the universe.

It’s a thought force that combines cunning, secrecy and menace to attain selfish objectives and it permits nothing to stand in its way.

The Lower-Pluto mind-set is defined by vile, malicious, cunning thoughts. The tendency to bully and coerce is pronounced. Goodwill, tolerance and warmth are absent. Self comes first.

Through terror and fear Lower-Pluto is intent on destroying God and all that is good; and its selfish and course vibratory rate easily connects with souls having a similar nature who are then recruited to do its dirty work here on Earth.

The brains and nervous systems of these souls constantly fire mediumistic Lower-Pluto electrical frequencies that permit mind-control by similar discarnate intelligences who reside on Lower-Pluto’s astral thought realm. 

The wolf in sheep’s clothing

Lower-Pluto is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Behind its charming smile is an evil mind that has no regard for human welfare – a mind that is bankrupt of moral principles and intent on thwarting everything that is good, true and progressive.

Its evil nature proactively works through misguided souls who are devoted to self-interest, money-making, terror, false gods and the soul-annihilating dogmas of materialism and atheism.

Lower-Pluto has no regard for human life or dignity. It’s the bully in the playground that engages in threats, harassment, badgering, pressure tactics and stalking.

It divides countries and disunites families, thrives in a climate of coercion and in a pressure situation keeps piling on the pressure.

Lower-Pluto is the reason why the planet where you live is a very dangerous place. 

Crime and corruption

Lower-Pluto is a thoroughly unsavory character. Its fingerprints are all over the vilest crimes. It has an obsession with death, dying and killing. 

It specializes in mass murder, brutal atrocities, gruesome crimes, suicide bombings, torture, kidnappings, hostage taking, mob violence, gang rape and sexual harassment. 

Its crime networks, crime gangs, criminals and internet savvy crime syndicates are engaged in the greatest crime jamboree of all time. They’re online, stalking the internet and dark web, and hacking computers.

Lower-Pluto rules corruption. It’s defined as dishonest or fraudulent (Neptune) conduct by those in power or the process by which a word or expression is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased.

Fraudulent conduct involves bribery, graft, extortion, lawbreaking, crime and criminality. It’s widespread in political circles and professional sport.

Misinformation and the distortion of facts

Lower-Pluto engages in the insidious practice of debasing, distorting, altering, falsifying or misrepresenting information to make it erroneous.

It inverts, censors and suppresses information.

Politicians, scientists and religious leaders frequently employ inversion – the subtle and cunning use of misinformation – to deliberately mislead, deceive and confuse. A group can distort information to create a public opinion favorable to its purpose. 

But too much misinformation plus too few facts plus too little comprehension equals an ignorance spiral.

Through misinformation and the suppression of facts Lower-Pluto is keeping you in spiritual ignorance.

The practice of inversion is probably the single greatest menace to human progress.

Lower-Pluto poses many threats

Lower-Pluto is intent on destruction. It’s been raised on hate and violence to become a killing machine. It glorifies death and has an obsession for killing and annihilation. Religious teachings and practices are killing people.

Lower-Pluto rules any political and religious group whose members place their own significance and advantages ahead of their followers and supporters.

They’re dedicated to self. Self-interest is their primary driver; and pretence, false claim and coercion are their chief tools of influence.

Lower-Pluto poses many threats – nuclear threats, biochemical threats and cyber threats – and its working in secrecy.

It’s a spiritual terrorist that hates transparency, stifles progress through coercion, division and disunity and is intent on destroying your soul with lies and atheistic disinformation.

Author: DW Sutton

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