Taming the beast

Pluto attains significance in humanity’s developing story due to his discovery in 1930, but his presence is nothing new.

The pages of history are written in the blood spilled at Lower-Pluto’s atrocities.

His despicable behavior can be found in every chapter.

When spiritual enlightenment is on the horizon Lower-Pluto aggressively mobilizes his forces to prevent humanity contacting truth.

His policy is to enslave the human intellect and use it for its own selfish purposes.

His trademark is selfishness and coercion.

And the discovery of Pluto in 1930 brought the Upper-Pluto principles of spirituality and cooperation onto the front-line.

The future of the Aquarian Age rests on the outcome of this battle being fought between selfish competition and spiritual cooperation.

In 1930 with the discovery of Pluto the beast was turned loose.

Lower-Pluto is active on many fronts

Lower-Pluto advocates for religious fanaticism and God-inspired terrorism.

‘You make me angry I will kill you’ is his mantra.

He’s globalizing hate, greed, terror and fear.

His henchmen here on Earth are doing his bidding.

Lower-Pluto has infiltrated the academic, political and religious arenas.

His human lieutenants are dangerous people in positions of power.

He’s a terrorist, criminal, drug lord, people trafficker, corrupt politician, hate peddler, child abuser, bully-boy or girl and selfish money grabber.

He’s spreading fake news, lies and misinformation on the internet.

Lower-Pluto is an amoral swamp of selfish slime.

You have to be vigilant to avoid going there.

Aggressive atheism is on the march

When s/he’s hypnotized by the wonders of DNA and the biological marvels revealed by the electron microscope the common scientist is in the perfect negative mental state to make contact with Lower-Pluto.

He’s recruited academic intelligence to foster his philosophy of atheistic materialism.

Academic intelligence is easily fooled by the illusions of matter but it does have social credibility.

When Lower-Pluto infiltrated the minds of God’s workers they brought orthodox religion into disrepute.

Scientific enlightenment was advocating the philosophy of DNA so well educated people turned to the religion of atheism.

Lower-Pluto created a perfect storm.

True spiritual enlightenment was off the agenda.

The forces of light on all planes of existence are currently engaged in a life and death struggle with the forces of darkness.

But while Lower-Pluto is determined to keep the spiritual lights turned off the forces of light on all planes of existence are determined to turn them on.

Orthodox religion has little to offer the thinking person so a new scientific religion that offers evidence-based spiritual information is required.

Taming the beast

The beast of selfishness, greed and amorality will be tamed and destroyed.

We expect future generations of human souls to realize that aggressive selfishness is the path to destructive annihilation.

In response to innate spiritual impulses and nagging doubts Aquarian Age souls will curb their appetite for materialism.

Responding to intuitive feelings that come straight from the soul they will question materialism and go in search of alternative truths.

They’ll reject the bleak and meaningless philosophy of atheistic materialism.

They’ll understand that God and life are profound questions that can’t be dismissed by a simple chemical answer.

In the Age of Aquarius humanity will be too well educated to be hoodwinked by a spiritually bankrupt philosophy.

Aquarian Age intelligence will develop a more reliable concept of life, its purpose and the universe.

It will recognize that all the world’s major problems are caused by selfishness.

Humanity will respond to Upper-Pluto’s call to unite the world.

We have to live together, cooperate, do-good and respect the other person’s right to be different.

Spiritual enlightenment will win.

God is a superior intelligence to science and we expect spiritual giants to answer questions that materialism ignores and leaves unanswered.

Author: DW Sutton

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