Measuring character traits and psychological attributes

There are many things about your physical self you can measure.

You can measure your height, weight, waist, chest and foot size.

You can measure your blood pressure and cholesterol levels; the amount of protein and iron in your blood; and the amount of each vitamin and mineral stored in your body.

You can even measure your Intelligence Quotient.

Numbers are a permanent part of your daily life.

Your age, golf score and driving speed are numbers.

Numbers are used to measure temperature, time, movements on Wall Street and the number of people who are unemployed.

So they very often control your behavior.

But there’s one thing that the measurement-mad scientific community has failed to measure – that’s you.

Not your physical self, but your mental self.

Your mental self

Your mind, character or mental self is composed of thoughts, feelings and impulses.

You have traits, attributes and characteristics.

You have attitudes and motivations and a mental world that’s composed of thought complexes, mental traits and moods.

You have a personal level of enthusiasm, determination, practicality, courage, idealism, confidence, optimism and resilience.

You have a desire for power, a sense of self-importance, a desire for attention, a social urge, an aggressive urge and a security urge and your character displays intelligence, ability, personality traits and intellectual interests.

Measuring you

Measuring your thoughts, feelings, traits, aptitudes, attitudes and abilities requires a model of your character.

Hermetic astrology uses your birth chart.

Your chart measures your character but transforming the measurements into easy to read numbers requires the application of mathematics.

Your birth chart measures your determination, enthusiasm, ambition and resilience.

It measures the strength of your desire for social significance, intellectual activity, a home and family, love and affection, excitement and adventure and work and security.

Each measurement has a set value but just like your physical measurements they can rise and increase or fall and decrease.

And as it’s a relative measurement you’re unable to make comparisons.

The take home message

Your birth chart is a model of your character and the power, harmony or discord of each planet, aspect, sign and house measures the strength and functionality of its character correlate.

The measurements allow you to have a better understanding of yourself and your life.

They make the self-information coming from your chart much more reliable and much more convincing.

But the accuracy of the measurements and their usefulness to you does require a birth chart that’s calculated for an almost accurate birth time.

Author: DW Sutton

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