Chart-data analysis with numbers

Your birth chart operates in an environmental setting.

It expresses functionality and each planet, aspect, sign and house has a power-value, a harmony-value or discord-value.

The astrodynes pin a number on everything in the chart and this allows you to make more reliable judgments about yourself and what’s likely to happen if you do nothing to change what’s indicated.

Any birth chart marker with a higher astrodyne score has its potential increased.

Any behavior, trait or ability mapped by a planet with a high astrodyne score has its potential to express increased.

A not-conscious thought-cell group with a higher number of astrodynes has its capacity to demonstrate events increased.

With more energy there’s incessant desire, a higher level of interest, a stronger motivation and more regular emotional engagement.  

A higher astrodyne score ups the potential for sustained development.

Above average power

Your chart has an average (mean) power-value and a planet can be marginally above or marginally below this average.

Those with above average power mark for character factors that have an above average influence on your life and behavior.

Those with below average power have their influence correspondingly reduced.

Assets and liabilities

Harmodynes measure harmony and the planets, aspects, signs and house with the highest number of harmodynes are your assets.

Harmony marks for effective behavior and fortunate events.

A consciousness of harmony is predisposed to seek good-fortune, good-health and peace of mind.

Discordynes measure discord and the planets, aspects, signs and houses with the highest number of discordynes are your liabilities.

Discord marks for ineffective behavior and unfortunate events.

A consciousness of discord is predisposed to seek misfortune, disease and mental discomfort.

But care is required when analyzing astro-data and it’s wrong to over-emphasize the role of the numbers.

They provide guidelines that permit a more reliable assessment of the data but the functionality of your behavior is not set in cement.

Your dysfunctional behavior is having an ineffective outcome and the pain and discomfort it’s causing you to feel is requesting you to change or modify your conduct.

Astrology with numbers

The application of astrodynes, harmodynes and discordynes to measure the power, harmony or discord of the planets, aspects, signs and houses in your birth chart and their character correlates is marvelously elegant.

But the measurement is subjective.

Only you know the amount of confidence, joy, security, fear, anger, pride, caring, idealism, hope, self-worth and discontentment you’re experiencing.

And by providing a relative value the numbers cannot be used to compare differences.  

Your character and natural potential is unique to you and any attempt to compare your traits and behaviors using an astrodyne score is futile.

As a unique individual you can’t be compared and neither can your birth chart.

The accuracy of your birth-data influences the reliability of your chart’s measurements.

But you’re making judgments regarding the strength and functionality of your character and not-conscious thought-cell activity so errors of judgment are a distinct possibility and can’t be ignored.

Computer technology and numerical values do not eliminate the need for the chart. It will always remain the dynamic factor when assessing your life.

You need to know your birth chart well and lists of figures will never replace the essential need to view your chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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