The measured life

You need to be more informed about yourself.

You’re unique and your individuality is being recognized with personalized medicine.

Your physical uniqueness is explained by your genetic code and your unique character is explained by your astrology code.

With your birth chart and Hermetic astrology you have the opportunity to understand yourself in a way you never thought possible.

You can replace confusion, doubt and uncertainty with measured data that puts you in the know.

You can understand yourself and the life you’re living.

Hermetic astrology is inviting you to live a measured life.

Hermetic astrology measures your birth chart

Your life has been arranged by nature for a purpose and your birth chart allows you to glimpse what nature has planned and to measure where you will reap the highest rewards in soul-development.

Your character expresses dynamic psychological urges and an established set of attitudes – your mindset – and your chart defines your character and allows you to examine and assess the thought-content of your soul.

When the power, harmony and discord embedded in your birth chart is converted into a set of numbers you’re in a much better position to understand yourself and judge what’s really going on.

And Hermetic astrology measures your birth chart.

Your chart’s astrodynes allow you to know the strength and functionality of your aggressive urge, your desire for plenty, your urge for safety and security, your need for love and companionship and all the other components of your character.

With your birth chart you can know yourself and live a measured life.

You can know your character and what’s going on in your not-conscious mental world.

The measurement of not-conscious thought-cell activity adds a dynamic dimension to your quest for self-understanding.

Self-knowledge with numbers

Hermetic astrology provides self-knowledge through numbers and a mind-map.

It provides the tool that allows you to quantify your mental self.

Your chart’s astrodynes measure your character.

They give the traits and attributes that comprise your character numerical values.

The numbers add certainty and reliability and reinforce the meaning of the astrological data.

You can replace feeling and guesswork with reason.

The numbers put you in the know.

When you know your strengths you can go with your strengths.

When you know where there’s pleasure, luck and opportunity you can travel with the wind in your sails.

When you know where there’s displeasure, friction and obstacles you can take precautionary measures to avoid or minimize the struggle, discomfort and stress.

Discord numbers, by measuring pain, hammer home the need to modify or change your ineffective behaviors.

When you know how your character has been formatted by previous experience you know how you got to be who you are.

And Hermetic astrology is inviting you to assess your birth chart and yourself using numbers.

It’s inviting you to live a measured life.

Author: DW Sutton

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