The quantified self

The quantified self in the age of DNA and genes refers to the measurement of your physical self and behaviors.

Your height, weight and foot size can be measured and now, using the latest app and sensory device, you can measure your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sugar levels, heart rate variability, food intake, sleep time and moods.

These personal measurements represent your quantified self, but your physical self is only half the story.

You can say with confidence that you have two selves – your physical self and your mental self.

Your physical self

Your physical self is a biological marvel and you may identify who you are with your body and its physical features.

It’s where you live and it’s the only human body you will ever have.  

It won’t be perfect and you may have complaints, but you should treat it with care and loving respect.

Your brain is the means by which you experience self-conscious awareness.

It allows you to experience your mental self and your mental self is a fantastic array of thoughts, feelings, impulses, desires, moods, aspirations, likes and dislikes.

Your mental self

Your mind or mental self is divided into two parts.

You have a conscious mental world and a not-conscious mental world.

Your conscious mind includes you – the witness who’s observing what’s going on – and all the states of consciousness you experience.

But you don’t have access to your not-conscious mental world.

It’s a great reservoir of thoughts, feelings and impulses and some not-conscious thoughts and feelings stream onto the screen of consciousness and come to your attention.

All your conscious mental activity originates in your not-conscious soul-mind.

So you have the problem of working out how all the thoughts, feelings and impulses that comprise your not-conscious mental world are fitted into a single unified consciousness.

And your birth chart solves the problem.

As a mathematical model of your character and life experience it provides you with a detailed description of your thought and feeling world and measures the strength and functionality of the urges, traits and impulses that comprise your psychological landscape.  

These measurements, of course, are subjective because only you know the amount of confidence, joy, security, fear, anger, pride, caring, idealism, hope, self-worth and discontentment you feel and experience.

Your birth chart quantifies your character

Your birth chart quantifies your mind or character and the application of astrodynes provides a set of numbers that represent your quantified self.

So you need your chart to measure and grade the relative strength and functionality of your character’s various parts.  

The core you is a set of character traits, behaviors, attributes and skills.

These represent your working capital.

You have abilities, likes, dislikes, mental interests, preferred activities, emotional preoccupations, hobbies and a natural gift, talent, flair or forte.

And your birth chart is a personal resource that quantifies your character and the physical, mental and emotional resources that you’ve got to live and work with.  

It allows you to know your mind.

Author: DW Sutton

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