Your birth chart


What exactly does your birth chart map?

It depicts the thought-structure of your unconscious mind aka soul.

Your birth chart

What Hermetic astrology teaches.

One chart to understand you

A tutorial on the map that’s all about you.

Your birth chart is a mind-map

And you have a conscious and unconscious mind.

Your birth chart’s frame of reference

Environmental forces influence how your chart operates.

Self-learning with a me-map

What’s involved, what’s my objective.

Assess your own chart

It’s a personal best option.

Birth chart study sessions

They should be regular, organized, productive and enlightening.

You can view your chart as a personal website

Just tap a planet, sign, aspect or house to learn about you.

Birth chart aspects

Their nature and influence explained.

A closer look at birth chart aspects

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Your chart's keynote decanates

They’re the ones occupied by the Sun, Moon, ascendant and Mercury.

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