Your birth chart

Your birth chart is a map of the chief vibratory factors in nature as they exist at your place and time of birth.

Your association with the chart is purely arbitrary. That’s because anyone looking at it cannot tell if it was calculated for a horary question, a mundane event, the start of some venture, the birth of a dog or a human, or whether it was a time chosen haphazardly for an example chart with no particular association.

Your chart depicts an astrological energy pattern which portrays the planets and zodiac signs.

Your association with the chart is valid because the basic urges (mapped by the planets) and the attitude-motivations (mapped by the signs) that constitute your not-conscious soul-mind or character equal the basic key tone of their planetary and sign vibration equivalents.

Our usage of the basic key tone relationship is valid, because all sensory perception is an interpretation of frequencies by your not-conscious mind. As your basic urges are groups of frequencies, they – like the frequency radiations of the planets – obviously have a basic key tone.

The mundane houses in the chart map departments of life – activities, life-matters and people – with which your basic urges and attitude-motivations are associated.

The Placidian system of house division has been found to be accurate.

The acid test of your birth chart’s correctness does not lie in argument about this or that house division system, but in whether or not the basic urges – mapped by the planets in the chart – function in relationship to the department of life (house) in which they are located; and in whether or not they function in relationship to the department of life mapped by progressions – major, minor and transit.

The zodiacal signs equal motivating factors which may be called principles.

The decanate divisions of the signs map specialized trends given to these motivating factors.

The planets (including Sun and Moon) map the basic urges.

Aspects between the planets equal thought compounds.

An association between two or more of the basic urges (planets) in a painful or pleasurable manner is mapped by the so-called good or bad aspects.

Since Nature is always in tune, in harmony and discord, at any given place and time, the above is valid.

We regard this theory proven and provable by anyone wishing to do the work involved in assessing their own chart. We regard this procedure as scientifically sound as that used in any other science.

Your birth chart is a map of your not-conscious soul-mind. It’s a self-reference and self-information provider and you should use the chart to learn about yourself.  You can view your chart as a record of past experience that explains how you got to be you. And you can use it to discover your natural potential.

Reaching your full potential involves repairing flawed character traits and misguided thinking habits that you have acquired. While they persist your mental, emotional and spiritual development is impaired.

When you use your birth chart in this manner, it provides an excellent road map that helps you to determine when and how to use the powers of your mind to be more successful.

We believe that God placed the planets and constellations in the sky and that your birth chart is a covenant between you and God. And that by using your birth chart to understand yourself and your proper relationship to others and to God you can obtain genuine free-will and become master of your fate and captain of your soul. This is the pathway to true freedom.

If you desire to use your birth chart for the purposes of becoming a happier, more useful and more successful member of society you’ll need reliable information pertaining to your soul.  We recommend Esoteric Psychology and Mental Alchemy – two Brotherhood of Light texts – by CC Zain.

Author: DW Sutton

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