One chart to understand you

It’s highly likely that you stumbled onto astrology while you were strolling around not knowing where you were going or what you were looking for. Chances are you read what someone had to say about your Sun sign and that sparked your curiosity.

Chances are you heard about a map called a horoscope that apparently revealed what the universe had in store for you. It’s also called the birth chart and it’s constructed for your time, date and place of birth.

Your life began in time and space and your birth was not a meaningless, random genetic accident. You were born in the right place at the right time.

The traits and qualities you were born with were not randomly inherited from your parents. They were grounded in your astrology code and previous experience. You expressed the intelligence and ability that your soul had acquired and saved in memory on your evolutionary journey.

Your birth as a human soul saw you develop self-consciousness. And with your emergence as the objective thinker you had the capacity to experience your own thought and feeling world and remember. You could apply reasoned though to your daily living and you life as a human soul promised a burst of sustained intelligence and ability development. 

Your birth chart

When you were born the universe gave you a map that revealed how your life had been set-up by previous experience.

This map called your birth chart is a truth teller that provides you – the objective observer who’s eager to know who you really are – with powerful information. You only need one chart to understand you.

Your birth chart maps your character, intelligence type, innate abilities and life story. It reveals your character’s functional status and capacity to perform.

It maps your whole self – including the faults that no one wants to see – and invites you to create a new narrative about you and your life that’s grounded in personal truth. It gives you insight into the thought-cell activity that’s taking place in the precursor realm of not-conscious thought in your soul.

One chart to understand you

Hermetic astrology decodes your chart’s data.

The planets map dynamic not-conscious desire-urges that get you going.

Your chart’s keynote zodiac signs map your outstanding attitude-motivations and their associated behavior traits.

The aspects formed by the planets map though compounds that are embedded with harmonious or discordant conditioning energy. These not-conscious thought-structures possess psychokinetic power which they use to attract fortunate and unfortunate events that match how they feel.

And your keynote houses map the life-matters, activities and people who will feature in your life story.

Your birth chart proves that there’s a sympathetic connection between you and the stars – between you and the universe – and awesome information like this should cause you to feel great joy, hope and wonder. 

And birth chart data reveals that you’re responsible for the thoughts, feelings and actions that define your life. No one but you is to blame.

A map is something that you can use to chart your way and you can use your birth chart to chart your character development. It’s a model of you and your life that allows you to glimpse what the universe has in store for you. You only need one map to understand you.

Your birth chart maps your natural potential and your job is to find and utilize this potential. It maps good-fortune, misfortune and disease predispositions, but proper precautionary measures can prevent health problems and other misfortunes. 

Hermetic astrology allows you to examine and analyze the functional status of the thought-cell data pictured in your chart; and you can change or modify what’s indicated. Gene engineering can change a physical cell’s chemical activity and thought engineering can change a thought cell’s thought activity.

Your birth chart, plus your conditioning by experience, plus your current circumstances explain how you got to be who you are today. You have a spiritual potential too.  Have you passed your chart’s merit-test?

To thrive, prosper, and advance you need reliable, factual information about you and your life. As you experience events and encounter people thoughts and feelings pass by. In the scheme of things most are non-events.

Life’s a party and your birth chart plays the tune you dance to. It’s your dancing partner and to understand your life you have to collect, collate and organize the astro-data that’s contained in the one chart that’s all about you.

Hermetic astrology invites you to get self-understanding. You need to know your soul-self.  You only need one chart to understand you. It’s your birth chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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