Your birth chart’s frame of reference

Hermetic astrology teaches that when and where you were born was governed by natural law. It was not due to chance.

Briefly… when your soul was differentiated and acquired a special individuality it was endowed with a polarity or special trend and its journey to gradually acquire and develop intelligence and ability through evolutionary experience was governed by the law of affinity – the law that like attracts like.

In accordance with this law it attracted and saved in memory the states of consciousness associated with its special life experience and when it acquired the intelligence and ability to incarnate as a human soul – and the astrological energy pattern in the sky closely resembled its highly developed character – it was attracted to a fertilized cell (zygote) – and parents – that had a similar vibratory rate.

Your soul then built your body and its sophisticated brain and nervous system to the specifications laid out in its genetic blueprint and set the stage for your emergence as the self-conscious thinker.

With self consciousness – the culmination of your consciousness development here on Earth – your impersonal soul became aware, for the first time, of its individuality and existence.  And your birth chart which is constructed for when and where you were born quite precisely maps your character aka soul and the life story your soul will write unless you modify or change what’s indicated.

Your birth chart’s frame of reference

A frame of reference is a set of criteria or stated concepts, views, customs and values by which judgments can be made and your birth chart operates within its own frame of reference aka external environmental forces.

These include your country and place of birth; your time of birth; your family and social environments; your political, religious, business and financial environments; and your intellectual – schooling and information – environment.

These environmental forces can be summed up in one word as culture and during your childhood from age 1 to 13 your were exposed to your parents/caregivers way of living and your society’s cultural practices: and all things considered the situational force that had the most profound and long lasting influence on your young and credulous mind was your home life and the parenting practices and religious, social and political beliefs of your significant others. You knew nothing and trusted your caregivers unconditionally.

As a teenager and young adult your educational environment provided learning and information and your social environment provided rules, regulations and sanctioned customs: and your birth chart won’t tell you anything about these matters.

It won’t tell you if you’re a Christian, Catholic, Baptist, Muslim or atheist; or private or public school educated; or a progressive liberal or hard-core conservative. These life matters – your religion, education and political persuasion – were influenced by your family; and any tendency to misbehave required exposure to social influences that permitted its development.

Your birth chart won’t tell you if you live in a democracy or authoritarian state; if your neighborhood is safe or dangerous; if the climate is hot or cold; or if your country is at war. And these things influence how your chart operates. 

Your birth chart maps predispositions and events involving whatever religious beliefs you practice are mapped by Jupiter and house 9; events involving your formal education are mapped by Mercury and house 3; events involving your honor and reputation are mapped by the Sun and house 10; and events involving danger and exposure to risk are mapped by Mars and house 5.

You’re unique

Your birth chart pictures your starter-pack and your birth place defines your starting place and these two factors make you unique.

Your chart maps a potential that is strictly yours, so your ability and success cannot be compared, and its frame of reference, which is different to all other charts, can help or hinder what you hope to achieve.

Your birth chart allows you to see your character in action. It depicts dynamic drivers, attitudinal behavior, inner complexities, potential success and potential failure. It allows you to discern who you are and to remodel yourself on your personal ID kit. It provides you – the builder – with a reliable design plan of the life you should be building with your thoughts, feelings, intelligence and ability.

Your birth chart maps a special ability – to manage a small business, drive a car, provide for your children, design computer software, perform heart surgery or compose a symphony – but its development can be helped or hindered by its frame of reference.

Your birth chart’s harmony and discord markers operate within its frame of reference too. They map thought-cell activity that works to attract events and conditions that your local environment facilitates: and harmony does not negate the need for hard work, effort and practice when striving to develop the ability to perform a difficult task.

Misfortune should not be blamed on birth chart discord. The real cause of your problems and difficulties is your misguided not-conscious thought-cell activity and you can heal yourself and change your ineffective thinking. In the end the buck stops with you. You’re responsible for what you think, say and so.

As an Aquarian Age soul in 2023 you may be inclined to think that your chart’s frame of reference, which provides lifestyles, beliefs, rules, punishments and success determinants, sets a test that you have to pass and breaking free from these misguided guidelines for measuring success and ability represents a real personal challenge.

They’re very harmful. They can cause misguided souls to develop a false sense of significance. Comparison behavior (ruled by Saturn) and competition behavior (ruled by Mars) are forms of self-abuse. Wisdom dictates that the only legitimate form of comparison is self-comparison. And your birth chart allows you to reliably assess your character development and the progress you’re making towards fulfilling its highest potential – as a human soul operating within its frame of reference.

Observation reveals that some souls are predisposed to attract massive amounts of wealth but whether they feel rewarding satisfaction, deep-inner contentment and peace of mind and whether they come close to reaching their chart’s full potential is unknown.

Your chart’s keynote features define a character that can express on an infinite variety of evolutionary levels so it does not clearly indicate the intellectual plane of moral level of your soul; and social station does not automatically infer evolutionary status.

You have a natural potential and a special type of ability. You’re being trained to fulfill a very particular and important function in the cosmic workplace and your birth chart, which is a mission statement from God, operates within its own frame of reference.

It provides relative information – not comparative results – and this means your success and social usefulness – and the success and social usefulness of your political leaders, post person, health care worker and mechanic – should be judged separately and individually.

Author: DW Sutton

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