You can view your chart as a personal website

The Aquarian Age internet is a means of communication; a website is a collection of web pages made available online that contain information and maybe graphics, sound and animation; and you’re visiting websites to find out things, complete a task or be entertained.

Websites provide information like international news stories, local weather reports, scientific news, celebrity gossip and what’s happening on the financial markets and you have a personal website that gives you instant access to reliable information that’s all about you. 

Your site’s home page is your computer calculated birth chart.

It’s a graphic of you and your life story – a map of your soul’s consciousness development at the time of your birth – and it’s letting you know about your character, intelligence type and reason for being.

It gives you a sense of belonging to, and of being a part of something, that is stupendous and glorious.  

Each planet, sign, aspect and house in your chart is a hyperlink that you can tap or click on to access important data pertaining to you and your life, but the communication exchange is only successful when you receive and clearly understand the information your chart is providing. 

The 10 planets depicted in your chart are the most important self-information providers. Each one is a highlighted data-point and by tapping or clicking on a planet you’re expecting to discover and learn information pertaining to its psychological correlate.

Your character is comprised of 10 dynamic psychological driver-urges. 

You have a power urge (Sun), domestic urge (Moon), intellectual urge (Mercury), social urge (Venus), aggressive urge (Mars), religious urge (Jupiter), individualistic urge (Uranus), utopian urge (Neptune) and universal welfare urge (Pluto); and by tapping or clicking on their astro-markers in your birth chart you’ll learn about the strength and functional status of these not-conscious desire-urges that get you going.

The entire zodiac is placed around your birth chart with a degree and minute of a particular sign located on each house cusp.  The planets are located by sign and a planet’s sign location gives its desire-urge an attitude-motivation.

So when you tap or click on your keynote signs you’re expecting to learn about the attitudinal behavior, motivation, special qualities and likes and dislikes that comprise your character.

The planets in your birth chart form angular relationships called aspects and each aspect depicts a not-conscious thought-compound composed of two thought-cell groups ruled by the planets forming the aspect. 

Aspects are classified as harmonious, discordant or neutral and the aspects in your chart influence the functional status of the planets and zodiac signs.

Harmony and discord as pleasure and pain describes the type of conditioning energy embedded in the thought-compounds mapped by the aspects and the quality or grade of event they’ll strive to demonstrate.

So when you tap or click on an aspect you’re expecting to learn about a not-conscious thought-compound and its potential to attract a fortunate or unfortunate event or condition.

Your birth chart is divided into 12 segments called houses and each house depicts a compartment of your not-conscious soul-mind where the states of consciousness associated with the events you experience get pigeonholed and saved in memory.

These events involve life-matters, activities and social relationships and the planets in your birth chart are located by house.

A planet in a house has a distinct influence on its life-matters so when you tap or click on a planet’s house location you’re expecting to learn about its predisposed trend of influence.

The development of your special type of intelligence and ability is sustained by the events and conditions you encounter. Some are fortunate and some are unfortunate and the planets by their house locations and aspects reveal what’s inclined to occur.

You’ll express innate ability, move towards the life-matters, activities and people that cause you to feel pleasure and try to avoid or escape those that cause you pain.

The root-cause of all your problems and misfortunes is discordant thought-cell activity and your birth chart allows you to identify their culprits. And your self-development involves changing or modifying these discordant tendencies that as personal progress antagonists impair your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

So you can view your birth chart as a personal website where highlighted data-points indicated by the planets, signs, aspects and houses are providing you with valuable information that’s all about you and your life. 

Author: DW Sutton

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