Your birth chart is a self-revelation

Self: The total essential qualities that distinguish your individuality; the consciousness that defines your identity.

Revelation: Something that’s revealed; a striking disclosure of something that’s previously unknown.

Your birth chart: A map that provides you with a self-revelation. It’s a pictorial reference – a diagram composed of symbols – that knows all about your character, attitudes, qualities, natural aptitudes, intelligence type, predispositions, life story and destiny.

It registers you as a participant in God’s Grand Evolutionary Enterprise. 

The symbols placed in and around the chart are transparent representations of your thoughts, feelings, desires, motives, likes and dislikes, aka your character.  

The planets are markers for dynamic psychological drivers and their sign locations associate their desire-urges with distinct, well-defined attitude-motivations.

The angular relationships the planets form, aka aspects, mark for thought-cell compounds that are capable of producing specialized intelligence and ability.

And the houses where the planets and signs are located associate your character with life-matters, people and places through which events occur and learning, aka self-development, takes place. 

You live and learn

Starting with no consciousness your individual identity, intelligence and ability develops through experience.

Slightly more complex life forms provide opportunities to live and learn. Strife and struggle incites effort which is rewarded with increased intelligence and ability. Through experience you gradually become the individual nature intends.

Your pre-human life schooling was saved in memory but you have no recollection of the experience. That’s because you didn’t have self-consciousness or the intelligence to add a language commentary to describe the events and conditions you encountered. 

What happened is recorded in your birth chart. It reveals your consciousness development up to the time of your human birth and allows you learn how your character, aka soul, has been built and organized by experience.

Your birth chart...

… is a self-information provider. It’s a repository of personal life information. You can view it as a log book of past experience and a plan of your future self.

It’s a personal web of information – a search map – that you can use to learn about yourself. And like a forensics expert you should investigate, examine and assess its data carefully. 

It’s a map of possibilities and you’re searching for personal truths that will set you free. It illuminates you – the individual – about your soul and the thoughts, feelings and desires that define your consciousness.

Your birth chart allows you to explore your character, trace your backstory and see yourself as a developing intelligence system. It reveals a set of mental constructs and a framework of events which merge with an environmental setting to give your life a trajectory.  

It allows you to know yourself. Your natural aptitudes, likes and dislikes and preferred interests are all birth chart realities.

Your birth chart maps a personal potential

Your chart serves two primary functions. It provides you with a potential to develop intelligence and ability through experience and times the development.

You’re in the business of capacity building and your chart reveals the full scope of your personal potential.

Potential describes the ability to exert a force: it’s something that may or might, but does not now act or exist, or any possibility that may come into existence. And your personal potential is a latent power that is not manifest at the time of your birth. 

It is some character trait, skill or ability that is mapped in your birth chart that may develop and keep on developing.

You have a potential to experience harmony and discord – pleasure and pain.

Currently, a great deal of your potential hasn’t been realized. The present only reveals those aspects of your personal potential that have developed up to now. 

Your future involves events and conditions that sustain the development of your character, aka intelligence and ability: and your now-astrology times when major developmental experiences are scheduled to occur.

Progressed discord times when struggle and adversity encourages effort that produces intelligence and ability and progressed harmony times when supportive environmental conditions favors the practical application of newly acquired knowhow and expertise.

Through experience you realize personal potential.

Your birth chart maps predispositions

Your birth chart is a map of predispositions. It does not map inevitable events that can’t be avoided. A predisposition is a tendency to experience an event or condition, hold a particular attitude or act in a particular way. It does not signify predestination. So your chart does not permit precise prediction. You have free-will and can change or modify your thinking and behavior.

As a student attending the school of life you’re endowed with aptitudes and your birth chart reveals what they are. It’s an aptitude directory. 

Aptitude is the ability to learn a skill or perform a task. It’s proportional to the number of experiences and the planets in your birth chart measure previous experience. Planet power is the real source of aptitude. And while a lack of aptitude can represent a weakness you can’t develop what God’s left out.  


Your birth chart reveals your soul’s polarity. It’s an attractive and repulsive force that ensures that you only attract those experiences needed to develop your special type of intelligence and ability and repel those that aren’t.

Your soul’s polarity not only accounts for the training you get through the type and amount of experiences you attract, it also determines the kind of work you will eventually perform most effectively in the evolving cosmic enterprise.

So your birth chart explains why your life experience involves certain events and environmental settings and not others. It reveals where you’re inclined to encounter fortunate, favorable conditions and where mishap and misfortune are likely to occur.

Rather than experiment and impulsively try this, that or the other your birth chart allows you to think about and prioritize the things you should be doing because it’s in your best interest to do them.

In the dazzling light of birth chart knowledge you can re-conceive and think about yourself in a new way. But there’s also the chance that some parts of its narrative will differ from the story that’s in your head so you may resist, or be unwilling to accept, certain bits of data. And unconscious bias can distort or misrepresent chart data. It’s something you need to monitor.

Your goal is personal truth – the ultimate self-knowledge – and if you’re honest with yourself, verify chart data with real-life evidence, and follow the rules for living that your chart decrees your thoughts and feelings will reach levels of pure magic.

Your birth chart

… is a self-revelation. It’s the only map in existence that reveals who you are.

When it comes to you and your life it’s a reservoir of self-information. It’s a puzzle solver – a window to your soul – that you can use to discover the mystery that is you.

It’s an astrological model of the thoughts, feelings and other traits that comprise your character.

It provides data about your not-conscious thought-world and its psychokinetic potential.

It quantifies states of consciousness, aka thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires, so you can assess their strength and functional status.

Your birth chart puts you in the picture. It gives you a great deal of personal control over your life, health and happiness. It reveals a personal blueprint for living and future development. You can use it to chart and plan your life.

You own your character and you can use your chart to proactively participate in and manage your intellectual, emotional and spiritual development; but to get self-understanding and to use astrological energies effectively requires reliable, factual knowledge.

Hermetic astrology is your go-to reference resource. It’s evidence-based science is well understood so you can apply it confidently when mining chart data.

Without your chart you’re in the dark: self-ignorant and reduced to believing misinformation and false notions.

With Hermetic astrology the astro-image your chart depicts will gradually assume an observable personal reality that has you declaring: This is who I am.

Author: DW Sutton

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