Your personal road map to self-fulfillment

In philosophy and psychology self-fulfillment is the realizing of your deepest desires and capacities and your birth chart maps a personal potential that’s awaiting realization.

Your chart is a map of your soul, aka your not-conscious thought and feeling world, and you relate to the laws, customs, practices and teachings that define your life through the lens of your soul’s thought structure, aka your character.

Your birth chart provides ‘soul deep’ information that’s all about you. It permits self-understanding. As a character reference it reveals who you are and you’re an organized system of thoughts, feelings, impulses, desires, attitudes, motivations and behavior traits.

As a record of past experience your birth chart tells your backstory. It reveals how your life has been formatted by previous experience and when you know where you’re coming from you’ll know where you’re going to.

With your birth chart past experience and background information become self-knowledge. It allows you to understand your purpose in life and it’s a road map to self-fulfillment.

Self-knowledge as personal truth allows you to understand and accept yourself for who you are. It’s an awesome realization that comes with a proviso.

The discord markers in your birth chart indicate defective character traits that are predisposed to attract unfortunate events and conditions so your road to self-fulfillment involves ironing out and correcting these trouble spots that represent impediments to progress.

Your birth chart is a guide to better living.

Self-understanding is a continuous process of self-learning. Your objective is a clear understanding of your not-conscious drives and motivations and the realization that their satisfaction determines your level of contentment.

Your usefulness, happiness and spirituality must be understood in terms of your uniqueness and individuality.

Your life is an unfolding potential. It involves potential building and you should use your birth chart as a road map to navigate yourself to the purposeful realization of your natural potential.

Your success must be understood in terms of the progress you’re making towards realizing your innate potential.

Your astrological journey of self-discovery takes you to your not-conscious soul-mind where the powerful forces driving your life reside; and your birth chart invites you to understand yourself at this deeper soul level and to integrate the satisfaction of these not-conscious drivers into your daily living.

In other words: knowledge of your character as a set of not-unconscious drives and motivations allows you to intentionally merge their development and satisfaction into your daily life experience.

The evidence suggests that the one single attribute that contributes most to your usefulness, happiness and spirituality is your sense of purpose, especially if what you do contributes something worthwhile to another person’s wellbeing.

A regular assessment of your progress using birth chart indicators as your baseline reference for comparison purposes allows you to measure how well you are doing.

Real-life evidence pertaining to your career, finances, social interests, home life, health and efforts to correct and overcome troublesome character traits allows you to measure your success and determine what you’re doing right or wrong.

Your birth chart is a road map to self-fulfillment and Hermetic astrology explains the rules of the road that you can apply at each stage of your journey to ensure the best possible outcome.

Author: DW Sutton

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