Living with covid-19: 2020-2021

Published July 25, 2020

In July 2020 the coronavirus case and death counts were far higher than the recorded numbers. Many cases were unrecorded; and covid-19 deaths were often attributed to other causes. 

Without a drug therapy or vaccine covid-19 is here to stay – at least for a while. Most of humanity will remain vulnerable to infection – everyone if immunity turns out to be transient.

Epidemiologists know about covid-19. You can catch it indoors, in crowds and when people raise their voices. The poor, elderly and those with underlying health problems (heart conditions, diabetes) are vulnerable. Infections are destined to soar with seasonal change.

Epidemiologists know how to contain covid-19. Testing, tracing and isolation are crucial. Lockdown is a drastic measure if all else fails.

Practical experience has resulted in improved treatments. Therapies are available.

Business has adapted. Factories stagger shifts. Plastic protectors shield staff. Personal contact has been minimized.

What eventuates over the coming months and years depends on the management of the disease by governments and societies.

Opening up social and economic activity after a lockdown requires sensible behavior and trade-offs. Large gatherings of people are out. Social distancing has to be practiced. Schools can only reopen in a covid safe environment.

Opening up too soon will result in outbreaks that delay everything including economic recovery. Slow learning humanity will be forced to learn the hard way from its misguided, disastrous mistakes.

Living with covid-19 successfully requires behavior change. You have to change your behavior. Social distancing and wearing a mask helps stop the disease. Thorough handwashing kills the virus. But old habits die hard and a new habit is hard to establish.  

Wearing a mask is chiefly about protecting others. If you’re young, fit and asymptomatic you’re being asked to do things that shield the old and infirm.

Living with covid-19 isn’t easy. No parties, no beaching, no shopping and that isn’t normal. And being cooped up can encourage the development of misguided ideas and an impulsive, devil-may-care attitude. People have to get back to work.

Much depends on who and what you believe. Many people don’t believe in science or their politicians. Many blindly believe what their reckless leaders say. You might think they’re a menace to society. Social media is rife with misinformation. People believe what they feel. There’s not much reasoned thought going on. Humanity’s fortunes are at best a high risk gamble.

You can’t afford to relax or lose interest in covid-19. It’s social and economic impact will be devastating. Its scars will be deep and very long lasting.  

In March 2020 with Mars conjunction Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sky the coronavirus surged around the globe bringing economic activity to a sudden stop. 

In April 2020 Jupiter conjunction Pluto in the sky reached peak power and Jupiter’s rays of hope and optimistic vibes saw some countries begin to ease their lockdown measures.  

In June 2020 Mars was conjunction Neptune in the sky and the virus came surging back.

In July 2020 progressed Saturn was conjunction and parallel Neptune in the Saturn cycle and covid-19 was surging out-of-control in America, Brazil, India and South Africa.

The road ahead: August 2020–December 2021

In August progressed Neptune is square Saturn in the Neptune cycle > peak power date is August 29 > end date is October 5

In November 2020 progressed Uranus is sesquisquare Mars in the Uranus cycle > peak power date is November 17 > end date is December 20; and progressed Uranus is square Sun in the Uranus cycle > peak power date is November 28 > end date is March 24, 2021

December 7, 2020: Jupiter square Uranus in the sky starts > peak power date is January 17, 2021 > end date is March 5, 2021 > it’s the astro-marker for an unexpected financial disturbance, financial reforms and unexpected obstacles at the trade negotiations

December 21, 2020: Jupiter conjunction Saturn in the sky reaches peak power > it’s the chief astro-marker for covid-19’s economic fallout and financial-aid stimulus packages > end date is April 1, 2021

Mars: January–February 2021

Previous pandemics unfolded in ‘waves’ of infections. After the initial outbreak subsides fresh outbreaks recur and covid-19 could follow a similar pattern. But there is no firm agreement on what exactly constitutes a second wave. It’s easy to interpret a fresh outbreak or spike in coronavirus infections as a second wave.

On December 26, 2020 Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky starts > peak power date is January 20, 2021 > end date is February 13, 2021; and with Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart and progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart this dangerous in-sky energy-event forecasts a second wave of coronavirus infections that could be worse than the first. It also forecasts a hazardous escalation in global tensions and a surge in Black Lives Matter-racial injustice protests.

On January 29, 2021 progressed Neptune square Mars in the Neptune cycle starts > peak power date is February 26 > end date is March 25, 2021 and

On February 8, 2021 progressed Uranus sesquisquare Mars in the Uranus cycle starts > peak power date is March 10 > end date is March 31, 2021

Saturn: January–February 2021

On January 15, 2021 progressed Saturn sesquisquare Moon in the Saturn cycle starts > peak power date in January 23 > end date is February 1, 2021

On January 20, 2021 progressed Neptune square Saturn in the Neptune cycle starts > peak power date is February 20 > end date is March 18, 2021

On January 23, 2021 progressed Saturn trine Mars in the Saturn cycle starts > peak power date is January 31 > end date is February 9, 2021 and

On January 29, 2021 progressed Saturn conjunction Jupiter and Uranus in the Saturn cycle start > peak power date for both aspects is February 6 > end date is February 16, 2021

January 2020 will be a very eventful month with Mars, Saturn and Uranus taking center-stage.

On January 26, 2021 progressed Mercury sextile progressed Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart is at peak power and there’s an opportunity to discover and develop a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Saturn square Uranus in 2021

On November 25, 2020 Saturn in the sky moves into orb of a square aspect with Uranus > it’s the astro-marker for unexpected economic setbacks, economic reforms, high unemployment, poverty, hardship, social discontentment, unrest, protests and right-wing extremism.

February 17, 2021: The first Saturn-Uranus square is at peak power

June 14, 2021: The second Saturn-Uranus square is at peak power

June 28, 2021: Progressed Saturn parallel Uranus in the Saturn cycle starts > peak power date is October 8 > end date is December 20

December 24, 2021: The third Saturn-Uranus square is at peak power

January 25, 2023: Saturn square Uranus in the sky ends

Throughout 2021 progressed Sun is square birth chart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart > peak power date is July 23, 2020 > end date is August 9, 2021 > it’s the astro-marker for political dysfunction, incompetent governance, mental health problems and severe difficulties for the common people.

And progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart inclines towards violent unrest, cataclysmic disruption and fast change > its peak power date is April 13, 2023.

Chances are you’re looking back on your pre-covid life as the good ole days. You crave routine, order, certainty and predictability and covid-19 disturbed your status quo – big time. But while covid-19 sticks around your daily life will never get back to the way it was. Your old normal has been superseded by a new normal which seems so abnormal. So you’re probably hankering for your old safe and predictable normal daily life. Hopefully you’ll get it soon, but there are troublesome bumps on the road ahead in 2020-2021.


Author: DW Sutton

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