Covid-19 and the great cycle of the equinox

In astrology the great cycle of the equinox or precessional cycle relates to the time it takes the vernal equinox to make one complete trip through the zodiac.

Its starting point is the commencement of the zodiac – the first point of Aries – and when the Sun crosses over this point each year the astrological year commences.

But the precessional cycle relates to the movement of the Earth (not the Sun) which, due to its bulging equator and the pull of gravitation on its leaning, has a gyratory motion that causes the vernal equinox to move backward through the constellated stars at the rate of 50.3 seconds per year or one degree every 71.6 years.

The latest estimate places the great cycle of the equinox at 25,772 years.

The position of the vernal equinox relates to the movement of the Earth but it’s measured by the apparent position of the Sun and when the Sun entered Aquarius on January 20, 1881 the vernal equinox backed into Aquarius.  

It heralded the commencement of the Age of Aquarius and denotes that the Sun, Earth and stars are now connected in such a way that they’re cutting definite fields of energy and transmitting vibrations of the Aquarius kind. 

Each astrological age, and its lesser subdivisions, influences the world at large and on January 20, 1881 life came under the influence of Aquarius. From then until December 21, 4028 the mental and spiritual forces directing humanity’s evolution will be defined by Aquarius – scientific knowledge, spectacular intellectual and technological progress and altruistic endeavor.

The vernal equinox in the Aquarian Age chart

Each country has its own Aquarian Age chart – there is no single chart to consult – and in each chart the vernal equinox is located in a house.

Like the planets it progresses but unlike the progressed aspects formed by the planets, which usually have a national-domestic influence unless house 7 (the international community) is involved, its progressed aspects define events and trends of international – global – significance.

Nature has deemed them necessary for humanity’s mental, emotional and spiritual development and from January 20, 1881 to 1953 the vernal equinox – in every Aquarian Age chart – was semisextile (30°) birth chart Sun.

It’s believed that this 72 year period defined a birthing – transition – phase during which the world became polarized to Aquarius. And the birth of Aquarius – like all births – was accompanied by pain, distress and great struggle.

The birth of Aquarius and his new political, religious, economic and social dispensation was marked by disease, two world wars, great suffering and an economic calamity in 1930 that coincided with the discovery of Pluto.

It will take 2148 years for the vernal equinox to move through Aquarius and during this time period it will form progressed aspects – some harmonious and some discordant – with the birth chart and progressed planets in the Aquarian Age chart. And due to its very slow rate of motion these progressed aspects have a long time-frame and their precise start, peak and finish dates are difficult to determine.

It’s believed that these progressed aspects define energy-events that have – for better or worse – a profound influence on humanity’s mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

Japan’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to March 11, 2020

Chart data is January 1, 1881 at 5.56.42am JST (35B42; 139E46)

The sign positions of the planets, progressed planets and vernal equinox in every Aquarian Age chart are the same. It’s the sign positions of the ascendant and Midheaven and the house positions of the birth chart and progressed planets that are different.

In Japan’s chart on March 11, 2020 the vernal equinox in house 2 at 28 Aquarius 03 was square progressed Pluto in house 5 at 28 Taurus 17.

This high discord energy-event commenced in May 1986 when the vernal equinox moved to 28 Aquarius 32. Progressed Pluto was at 27 Taurus 32; and the aspect reached peak power in October 2013.

Its discord involves the discordant expression of Pluto and the thoughts, feelings and actions that define the Lower-Pluto thought force.

In our forecast for the Aquarian Age in 2019 we explained: ‘In the Pluto period of Aquarius, with the precessional pointer (vernal equinox) currently forming a square aspect with progressed Pluto, there’s great division and disunity.

It’s a dangerous moment defined by subtle forces, coercion, threats to democracy, dictators, cybercrime, the suppression of facts, misinformation and disinformation campaigns.

There’s a tremendous battle being fought between the forces of darkness and the legions of light. It began in the distant past. The history of humanity is a history of conflict. The world’s battle fields are soaked in blood but now, in 2019, the conflict has shifted to cyberspace and the internet.

In the Pluto Period of the Age of Aquarius your enemy is a guy typing on a computer. S/he’s spreading disinformation and disinformation campaigns are designed to manipulate truth and influence the way you think and live. Then, when you eventually discover that what you believed was a lie, you feel foolish and label yourself a fool. 

The evidence reveals that Lower-Pluto and his cohorts – the materialists, atheists, truth manipulators and disinformers – are playing humanity for a fool.’

That’s Pluto for you, but each planet has a discordant expression that adversely impacts humanity’s progress and the discordant expression of Saturn involves fear, disease, recession, loss, unemployment, poverty, homelessness and hardship.

Covid-19 and the great cycle of the equinox

On January 30 2020 the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak in China a public health emergency and on March 11, 2020 it declared a pandemic.

In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars was parallel birth chart Saturn and progressed Pluto; progressed Venus was conjunction progressed Saturn and the vernal equinox was square progressed Pluto. Transit Mercury at 28 Aquarius 18 was conjunction the vernal equinox at 28 Aquarius 03.  

Humanity’s 2020 covid-19 health emergency was unprecedented.

On January 20, 2020 China state television confirmed that the novel (new) coronavirus was transmitted by human to human contact; and the revelation that no one had natural immunity to the killer disease ignited worldwide panic.

Governments fearing massive death tolls and health systems and hospitals overwhelmed by infected patients took drastic action. They closed their borders; restricted travel and enforced lockdowns. To contain the spread of the virus drastic social distancing rules (Venus-Saturn) were introduced.  

And then we watched covid-19 spread around the globe infecting people and claiming lives. The new social regulations shutdown business; millions of workers lost their jobs; and the coronavirus crippled the world economy. The speed (Mars) at which it all occurred was breathtaking. 

The scope and magnitude of the covid-19 pandemic places it in a special category of catastrophic events. Its drastic global influence is defined by Pluto and the fear, suffering and economic carnage it’s inflicting all bear the signature of Saturn.

In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn reaches peak power August 25, 2020 > end date is March 30, 2024; progressed Mars parallel progressed Pluto reaches peak power November 21, 2021; progressed Venus conjunction progressed Saturn ends February 2, 2021; and the vernal equinox square progressed Pluto ends sometime in 2042.

Author: DW Sutton

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