Saturn square Uranus in 2021

In 2020 Saturn’s coronavirus pandemic gripped humanity. It caused sickness, death, mass unemployment and poverty. It shutdown business, closed borders and restricted movement. People got scared.

2020 was a global tragedy. Humanity suffered, big time. Covid-19 proved that congregating in crowds and participating in marches was a death defying experience. It proved that touch deprivation harmed people’s mental health.  

As economies fell into ruin, governments wrote millions of checks (cheques) to households and firms while their tax revenues collapsed.

Covid-19 shone the light on health, racial, financial and educational disparities. It was bad for gender equality. Women suffered due to the pandemic. They’re now doing significantly more domestic chores and family care (Moon). 

Amidst the pain and distress humanity pinned its hope (Jupiter) in coronavirus vaccines.

Human actors played the starring roles. The politicians made so many mistakes – there was so much incompetence – and too many people abandoned caution (Saturn) and engaged in irresponsible social behavior.

Covid-19 was an unprecedented crisis and its aftermath will involve upheaval and change as new norms and cultural practices are established. In 2021 countries are living with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic – the emergency like no other – and Saturn square Uranus in the sky.

Covid-19’s exit path

With Saturn square Uranus in the sky and three Saturn-Uranus aspects in the Saturn cycle in 2021 the covid-19 exit path will be precarious.

2021 gets off to a disrupted, scary, risky start with Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky on January 20; progressed Saturn parallel Uranus in the Saturn cycle on February 2 > end date is March 10; progressed Saturn conjunction Uranus in the Saturn cycle from January 29 to February 15 > peak power date is February 6; and Saturn square Uranus in the sky on February 17 at (7.10pm GMT).

Then on June 14, 2021 Saturn in the sky is again square Uranus (at 10.02pm GMT); from July 28 to December 20 Saturn is parallel Uranus in the Saturn cycle > peak power date is October 10; and on December 24, 2021 Saturn is again square Uranus in the sky (at 7.18am GMT).

Covid-19 outbreaks throughout 2021 will see a disruptive stop-start rhythm to creating new normal ways of living. The situation is exacerbated by unforeseen (unexpected) obstacles, a covid weary world, public discontent, social unrest and unreasonable, disobedient conduct.

Saturn square Uranus forecasts a shortage of jobs and work, high levels of unemployment and massive levels of poverty.

Governments have the task of balancing public-health safeguards with work and income earning. Low interest rates and low inflation will help debt strapped governments but high unemployment will adversely impact government revenue streams.

In 2021 humanity is pinning its hope in coronavirus vaccines but the in-sky Saturn-Uranus square aspect is embedded with unexpected economic pain.

In a worst case, nightmare, scenario Saturn square Uranus could signpost unpredictable obstacles hindering forward progress; successive waves of coronavirus; disease, death, hardship and suffering; political dysfunction; and disrupted economic activity.

Climate change and climate chaos

The weather forecast for planet Earth in 2021 is for a tsunami of extreme weather events. Saturn and Uranus forecast storms, floods, electrical storms, power outages and extreme cold snaps. Saturn square Uranus forecasts an extreme climate emergency.

There’s a time lag in climate change — the effects being felt in 2021 can be traced back to gases emitted decades ago – and now there’s the possibility that humanity is acting too slowly and the climate crisis won’t be fixed.

Saturn is the planet of fear and the scariest possibility in 2021 is for climate chaos to create a global mood of extreme fear, fated inevitability and climate paralysis. An air of defeatism could easily develop. Rather than fix the climate crisis humans could just adapt to the new normal of extremely destructive weather events.

If apocalyptic fires consuming hundreds of millions of acres and killing more than a billion animals can’t alert governments and people to the severity of the climate problem what can?

Is a climate reckoning possible?

Saturn’s aging baby boomers have spent their lives self-indulging and messing up the planet and the Gen X’s, millennials and Gen Zedder’s have the task of cleaning up their mess.

In 2021 climate scientists are pointing their collective finger at climate change and warning of extreme weather events that are inevitable. In 2021 climate disasters are occurring and the world needs to pay attention.

Climate change (global warming) is producing massive storms and mega fires. It’s causing human suffering but little heed is given to the impact of climate change on birds and other animals.

Climate change is thought to be influencing the spread of Lyme disease (from ticks) in North America and mosquito borne diseases like dengue and yellow fever in temperate regions as they warm.

Our interconnected modern Aquarian Age world means we are probably becoming more vulnerable to infectious diseases spreading and global pandemics.

With vivid images of climate change disasters regularly appearing on the viewing audience’s television screens 2021 could see a reckoning in the climate change story.

The politics of coal

Coal – the dirtiest, most dangerous fossil fuel – is ruled by Saturn. It’s the main source of greenhouse gases and while coal consumption is falling it still accounts for 39% of annual emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. It accounts for 27% of the raw energy used to power our Aquarian Age world. Global emissions have to fall but the politics of coal is a treacherous game for governments.

Fixing humanity’s climate crisis involves you, your political leaders, climate stocks and the greening of Jupiter’s financial system. And in 2020 a network of 66 central banks focused on the greening of the financial system. The transition to the new world affected by climate change has to be financed by Jupiter’s banks.

The struggle to change

Humanity has to change but change is always resisted. It involves the unknown and the unknown makes people frightened. Saturn’s status quo, old ways, traditional values and known known’s are preferred to the unknown potential inherent in change.

Climate change calls for investment in climate-friendly infrastructure that boosts growth and creates new jobs: And low interest rates courtesy of Saturn will reduce the costs and make the bill smaller.

In 2021 business at the heart of the fossil-fuel economy – the oil and gas firms (Neptune), steel producers (Mars) and carmakers (Uranus) — are going through the struggle of shrinking (Saturn) their long-term capacity and employment.

Saturn square Uranus in 2021 forecasts a struggle to make painful economic change, but business can reform, people can change. When covid-19 hit they changed when workers stopped going to the office and started working from home.

A reckoning for new wave radical conservatism

Saturn and Uranus are the rulers of Aquarius and in 2016, with progressed Sun square progressed Uranus and progressed Venus conjunction progressed Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart an extraordinary event occurred. Saturn’s conservative right-wing agenda and old style conservatism got radicalized by Uranus and became much more conservative, strident and reactionary.

So, if you’re inclined to think that conservative Saturn is staid, dull, boring and frightened, then think again. He’s still backward looking and stuck in the past but in 2021 he’s been radicalized by extremists. He’s hostile and intolerant of progressive liberalism. 

In response to the rise of science, the family falling apart, the church going into decline and globalization radical conservatism is extremely discontent (Uranus) with the way things are. And its extreme discontentment is aimed at preserving traditional institutions like the family and old style religion and what they value.

It wants to fast track you back to the past. Slow, cautious, conservative change won’t do. Reactionary conservatism wants to turn the clock back 200 years. It wants to shut the door on Aquarian Age freedoms, values and progress.

In 2016 true-blue conservatism got swamped by popularism. That’s when pessimistic reactionaries started smashing conservative traditions. They jettisoned their values, their deep suspicion of charisma and personality cults and their fear of change. The once cautious, sober conservative thinker became zealous, entrenched in ideology and cavalier with the truth.

But in 2021 Donald Trump – the pin-up boy of the radical conservatives in America – is gone from the White House so could old style, cautious, steady as she goes conservatism take back control of the Republican Party and play the traditional role that its true-blue parent (Saturn) in the sky defines and scripts?

Trump’s radical conservatism was reckless, crude, rude, unreasonable and masculine. It brought civility, consideration and fairness to an end. It embraced radical change; and approached economic management with reckless scariness. Facts were made to mean anything and were used to win tribal loyalty and votes.

Saturn square Uranus in the sky in 2021 forecasts a major reckoning for radical conservatism. Will moderate conservatives reject radical conservatism? Will the very unconservative conservative era that defined Donald Trump’s presidency come to an end or will Saturn and Uranus produce Donald Trump clones who are even more reactionary than Trump?  

Conservative or progressive

The conservative (Saturn) mind-set is framed by traditional values and a fear of change. It lacks the capacity to think independently and gives the church, family and traditional institutions the authority to control change. It sees change as perilous and something that needs to be done slowly.

The progressive (Uranus) mind-set is framed by freedom, autonomy and inspirational thinking. It looks ahead rarely glancing in the rear-vision mirror. It sees the present as a cavalcade of mistakes, injustices and inequalities that have to be corrected; and change and reform as the only way to make the world a better place.

The conservative right is a political ideology that’s defined by a dislike of change (Uranus); a preference for the tried, trusted and familiar (Saturn); distaste for the unknown and untried (Uranus): and a preference for old style practical realities (Saturn) – not what could be.

Progressive liberalism (Uranus) is all about freedom, human rights, immigration, multiculturalism and gender politics.

And your disposition – whether conservative or progressive – has much to do with the strength of Saturn and Uranus in your birth chart and your conditioning by environment.

Saturn and Uranus in 2021

Saturn is the planet of shortages but with Saturn square Uranus in the sky in 2021 there won’t be a shortage of fear, despair, unemployment, extreme weather events, discontentment, civil unrest, civil disobedience and nutters.

Uranus is the planet of protests, strikes, boycotts, rebellions, revolutions and popular uprisings and the Uranus folk can bring about revolutionary change through violent or nonviolent protest. But with Saturn square Uranus in 2021 they have an uphill battle and a big obstacle to overcome in the form of reactionary conservatism.  

Climate change has brought a race to develop new technologies and humanity’s desire to compete, fight and win is being fueled by progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart.

But in 2021 social progress is taking place at a snail’s pace. Whenever the Uranus folk make a progressive forward move, too many Saturn folk start pushing back.

With progressed Saturn parallel Uranus in the Saturn cycle; progressed Mars parallel Uranus in the Mars cycle; Mars square Saturn and Saturn square Uranus in the sky; and progressed Moon sextile progressed Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart the UN Climate Change Conference is scheduled to be held in Glasgow, Scotland from November 1November 12, 2021.

In 2021 the Sun’s governments and political leaders; the Moon’s everyday people; Mercury’s journalists and scientists; Venus’s artists and peacemakers; Mars’s builders and doctors; Jupiter’s bankers and religions; Saturn’s economists and planners; Uranus’s innovators and inventors; Neptune’s visionaries and dramatists; and Pluto’s collaborators and unifiers all have an important role to play.

We’re all in this together.


Author: DW Sutton

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