JB Rhine

The discovery of Pluto in 1930 was a significant astrological event.

He’s given the title ‘Lord of the underworld’ and this underworld is the inner-astral-plane.

Pluto is the inner-plane planet.

And throughout the ages the properties and energies of this high-speed astral realm were never subject to scientific examination.

But with Pluto’s discovery came the impetus to seek answers employing the scientific method and statistical analysis.

Research into inner-plane astrological energies got serious in 1929 when the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department commenced the statistical analysis of birth charts.

And research into inner-plane psi phenomena got serious in 1930 when JB Rhine founded the Parapsychology Department at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

JB Rhine

Joseph Banks (JB) Rhine was an Aquarian Age knowledge-seeker who pioneered the scientific study of extrasensory perception.

He was born in Pennsylvania, US on September 29, 1895 and educated at Ohio Northern University and the University of Chicago.

In 1923 he received his master’s degree in botany.

In 1926 he worked at the Boston Society for Psychical Research and in 1927 came to Duke University.

In 1930 he founded the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke – began experimental work on extrasensory perception – and reopened the question of whether the human being was more than matter in motion. 

In 1934 he published his first ESP report and in 1937 founded The Journal of Parapsychology.

In the laboratory Rhine worked with volunteer subjects using Zener cards and dice to test ESP and the results were outstanding.

ESP, according to his classification, includes both clairvoyance and telepathy.

From 1930 until the late 1970s, JB Rhine was the undisputed world leader in research into experimental parapsychology.

He was a torchbearer of the light.

He established and directed psychic research in an academic setting; standardized research procedures that could be replicated by new and different experimenters; and by isolating telepathy and clairvoyance distinguished them as different forms of the same ability.

And he accumulated evidence for precognition and PK as other forms of psi.

But Rhine’s initial research into parapsychology came under hostile attack from the orthodox scientific establishment.

The enemies of the light claimed there were faults in his methodology.

And when he failed to reproduce his results in the laboratory his atheistic critics accused him of cheating.

They have a vested interest in a one-plane material universe.

To maintain their academic authority they have to vilify and ridicule extrasensory perception and astrology because they imply the existence of an inner-astral-plane where velocities exceed 186,282 miles per second and there’s quite different order of time, distance and gravitation.

Lower-Pluto and his atheistic henchmen are here to keep you chained to the rock of materialism and JB Rhine proved that the rock was fake-news.

In his 1947 book The Reach of the Mind Rhine wrote: ‘Henceforth I will assume that science will in time accept ESP and PK and that Psi is a normal human capacity, nonphysical in nature.’

Parapsychology is what it is today due to his efforts.

JB Rhine moved to the inner-plane on February 20, 1980.

He estimated that one person out of every five has natural ESP ability and in a survey in April 1988 67% of Americans claimed they had had a psychic experience.

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