The scope and value of ESP

At the start of the Aquarian Age extrasensory perception is in its infancy, but it’s safe to say that in time its power will gradually increase.

New knowledge will increase our understanding and open up new doors.

Yet our current knowledge allows us to make sound comments regarding the scope and value of ESP.

But first…in addition to the vast number of university experiments, there are authentic records of a vast number of instances in which individuals have acquired information spontaneously through extrasensory perception which they could not have acquired otherwise.

In these spontaneous cases the individual is commonly aware that s/he has received the information through nonphysical channels.

S/he has so strong a premonition about something that nothing can shake his or her confidence that it is true.

Sometimes in university experiments, and when people on their own try to get definite information through extrasensory perception, they are fully conscious of the extrasensory faculty working, but there is no consciousness of whether it has actually worked or not.

It is a process carried out by the soul which commonly registers no impression of its activity on objective consciousness.

Both people and animals often act upon its promptings quite unaware of the source of the impulse.

And it is only on rare occasions that the most successful participants in university experiments are aware, until the results of the experiments have been checked, whether or not they have succeeded in bringing extrasensory perception into play.

Proper training increases the individual’s ability to use extrasensory perception but even the most successful users find it highly elusive.

The scope and value of ESP

Neither distance nor time nor physical barriers seems to interfere with extrasensory perception.

It seems that under favorable conditions that any possible information maybe acquired through such extension of consciousness, including information about the conditions and laws under which people live on the inner-plane after physical death.

ESP is a faculty from which no secret of nature or any information in the universe can be hidden.

It seems to be able to acquire any knowledge that’s desired, whether it be of the past, present or future.

The implications stagger the imagination.

By its use we can assume that both the cause of any disease and its best method to cure might be learned.

Mechanical devices for doing any kind of work might be learned and constructed.

Crime could be detected before it happened, and criminals thwarted before they committed their depredations.

The war plans of any group or nations would be accessible to the whole world, and the United Nations could take steps to prevent aggression.

So it seems that the value of extrasensory perception to humanity is impossible to estimate.

It seems to have a limitless capacity for acquiring information.

On a personal level its understanding and development would allow you to access information about your future and this would give you greater control over your environment and destiny. 

But with the internet giving you instant access to all the information you need you probably don’t have a pressing need to develop your psi faculty.

On the other hand with extrasensory perception allowing you access to information about the past, present and future its potential is so extraordinary that it makes the information superhighway look like a dirt track.

Author: DW Sutton

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