Test it out and do your own thinking

You’re living at a time when the world is jam-packed with scientific data, religious beliefs and just plain weird, ridiculous ideas. And you’ve got the task of making sense of it all to determine what is right for you.

People with the ability to acquire information via their extrasensory perceptions often keep their ability hidden away. And if you can do something unusual why bother to tell your friends and associates. And if you do why should they believe you?

The reliability of astrological information is determined by its capacity to clearly explain, when you apply it to your birth chart, what’s going on in your soul or not-conscious mind.

And its usefulness is determined by your capacity to gain self-understanding and to advance your success, health, happiness and spirituality.

To be of value astrological information must be used and astrological advice must be acted on.

We consider the blind belief and acceptance of what others say to be highly dangerous. And we encourage you to investigate and think for yourself.

Test things out and do your own thinking

The world needs progressive religious teachings, the facts of astrology and the facts of extrasensory perception.

Whether astrology and extrasensory perception work in practice is a judgment you should make for yourself and you should not believe the scientific and religious critics who claim, without any practical investigation, they don’t.

Orthodox science and religion have positions of power and authority. They have privileged positions that they strive to protect, but you don’t have to believe their claims and accusations.

The inner-plane is a sub-atomic realm that’s interior to the physical.

It is not material. It’s where your thoughts and feelings exist and it’s the realm of astrological energies. And on average the inner-plane environment has as great an influence over your life as does your external circumstances.

The fact that inner-plane energies are not perceived by the physical senses has little bearing upon the validity of their existence, the strength of their power or their denial by academic scientists.

You need to know that extrasensory perception embraces all methods of inner-plane investigation other than astrology so the only way you can confirm for yourself the existence of this inner-plane is through extrasensory perception or astrology.

That’s why they’re ridiculed and vilified by orthodoxy. It has vested interests to protect.

The existence of the inner-plane proves that the material model of the universe proposed by orthodox science is false and that the claims regarding life after death taught by orthodox religion are untrue.

Both orthodox science and religion have a great deal to fear from astrology which explains why they go to such extreme measures to discredit astrology and extrasensory perceptions.

In a nutshell they’re desperately trying to protect their privileged positions.

Knowledge of inner-plane existence leads to a more comprehensive view of life and when it is understood it leads to the desire to live a more spiritual life where the welfare of others is a primary motivator.

And you can test things out and do your own thinking in regard to the existence of the inner-plane by assessing your birth chart and matching the events that have occurred in your life with their astrological markers in the chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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