The transition technique

Extrasensory perception is the ability to gain information regarding the past, present or future without that aid of the physical senses. 

The method commonly used is to gradually increase the sensitivity of the nervous system – using some divinatory devise – to a point where it is possible to tune in on the thing to be seen or the information to be sought.

Through the principle of resonance, the astral counterpart is contacted, and its image is brought up from the inner-plane into the domain of objective consciousness as a distinct image.

The image is really more like a memory, but it may present itself to objective consciousness so powerfully, through the electric energies generated by a supersensitive nervous system, that it is difficult to distinguish it from something seen with the physical eyes.

But training to develop such sensitiveness, while usually effective, has its drawbacks.

It requires the development of nerve sensitivity and highly sensitive nervous system feels things intensely.

It feels people’s thoughts intensely and has an exaggerated emotional reaction to the individual’s own thoughts.

Disagreeable feelings are painful and difficult to deal with.

And it was due to the difficulties posed by nerve hypersensitivity that the Brotherhood of Light ESP research department set out to discover a method of acquiring information via extrasensory perception that avoided this disagreeable circumstance.

The transition technique

In the transition technique of ESP there is no loss of consciousness.

Rather there is keen mental alertness.

It’s an intellectual exercise – an extension of consciousness – that seeks to acquire inner-plane information.

Hypersensitivity plays no part in its practice.

Instead of becoming a receiving set, the electrical energies of the nervous system radiate high-frequency vibrations which afford the faculties of the not-conscious mind the energies with which to perform their work.

When the information comes through it is very different to the image seen in a dream, or a fantasy image, or even anything brought into the mind through association with a suggestion.

Rather it comes through into objective consciousness as a perceptible shock, as if it came on a little electric charge.

If it occurs at a time of crisis it can come through with so much force that the individual becomes greatly excited and their normal equilibrium is temporarily upset.

The transition technique is nothing new

The most renowned of all the Greek philosophers made a habit of using what we now call the transition technique of ESP to get answers to his perplexities.

It is told that Socrates when he sought information regarding some problem that he would stand leaning against a tree for support, sometimes for hours without moving.

During such a mental excursion, through extension of consciousness, to the inner-plane, his disciples would stand or sit apart until the master had communicated with his daemon.

A daemon had no connotation of evil.

It simply signified a non-material intelligence such as we call a spirit.

Thus it might be either good or bad.

Yet the disciples of Socrates learned to have the utmost respect for the wisdom of his daemon.

The source of the information

Throughout history people have attributed the information they have acquired through extrasensory perception as coming from God, the devil or a spirit.

But with knowledge of extension of consciousness and the ability of your not-conscious soul-mind to reach out across space and apprehend distant knowledge and communicate with invisible beings on the higher planes, you can be sure that the information which comes through to your objective consciousness is coming from an inner-plane entity.

It is not easy to determine the exact source of the information, whether it was gathered merely through observation on the inner-plane, or if in acquiring it another intelligent being was contacted.

When you seek a particular bit of information you may try several sources but the essential thing is not its source but its level of accuracy.

Author: DW Sutton

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