Barriers to developing ESP

The only reason most people don’t gain information from this inner mental realm – from departed loved ones and friends – is because they have become so dependent upon their physical senses and cerebral activity that they are unable to detect and recognize the delicate impressions that represent extrasensory perceptions.

What’s going on?

Extrasensory perception is a faculty possessed by your soul.

It uses extrasensory perception to acquire information.

It can, without the aid of your physical senses or reason, acquire information about the distant past, the present and future.

But when it formed a union with your physical self its extrasensory power was largely focused on keeping aware of what was happening to your body.

Physical incarnation provides your soul with physical experience and right now its extrasensory faculty is chiefly concentrated on becoming aware of physical experiences which include the electromagnetic processes within your brain that give rise to objective consciousness.

So its extrasensory faculty is primarily being used to keep aware of what is happening to your body and to do this it depends on information that is largely provided by your sense organs and brain.

It has a potential to move and manipulate physical objects without physical contact, but while it’s united to your body its psychokinetic power is chiefly exercised in keeping contact with it and controlling its movements.

Every voluntary movement you make is due to your soul on the inner astral-plane exercising psychokinetic power over your motor nervous system.

So, one barrier to acquiring inner-plane information is your inability to get your soul to focus its attention on the inner-plane.

But if your soul does perceive some important bit of information it has one more formidable barrier to overcome.

To bring a thought or sensation to your conscious awareness it must utilize the electrical energies of your brain and nervous system and they’re being monopolized by your sense impressions and cerebral activity.

Your soul is unable to compete with your non-stop thinking activity.

This is known

It is known that all mental processes are governed by the law of association and among the most powerful associations is by resemblance due to identical or similar resonance.

And it’s known that the law of association operates in the selection of what is perceived; that on the inner-astral-plane thoughts and things having the same vibration are together; and that the principle of resonance is essential to making contact with information that exists there.

(Distance on the inner-plane is measured by disparity in vibratory rates.)

And it’s known that ordinary cerebral activity interferes with bringing the information acquired through extrasensory perception into the objective consciousness.

Mechanical inner-plane contact

At present there are no mechanical means that can prove that there are inner levels of existence where life persists.

There are no mechanical means by which it can be demonstrated that the soul does not perish with the body.

There is no physical scientific apparatus that can prove that the human being is nothing more than a cunning brute.

And this explains why the present drift of the world is toward atheistic materialism and the ruthlessness which it encourages.

The time no doubt will ultimately arrive when there will be a mechanical invention sensitive enough to pick up high-velocity inner-plane energies and convert them into impulses that modulate electromagnetic energies.

When this time arrives you will be able to get messages from your loved ones and friends who have left the physical plane with no more psychic development than is now necessary to listen to a radio broadcast.

Author: DW Sutton

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