The inner-astral-plane

You know about your local environment.

You know what’s going on in the world around but you probably don’t know about the inner-astral-plane.

Velocities there exceed 186,282 miles per second.

Gravitation loses its influence on things.

Its properties often contradict what you’ve come to expect.

It’s a high-speed world that has no physical properties.

It’s the four-dimensional realm of mind, consciousness, thoughts, and feelings.

Events happen there at the speed of light.

The fourth dimension may be said to be time.

It’s the realm where past, present and future may be seen at once.

Your soul exists there.

It’s also the realm of astrological vibrations and extrasensory perception and it’s buzzing with life.

From time to time you use extrasensory perception to contact and tune in on inner-plane intelligences but in our present state of knowledge it is difficult to turn it on at will.

But when you learn to use extrasensory perception the knowledge you gain through personal investigation will reveal that there’s more to life than the low velocity physical plane.

The inner-astral-plane and you

There’s much more to life than the physical world and the physical senses.

Out of the body experiences are supported by tens of thousands of documented cases.

They have been medically and psychologically tested.

The evidence is overwhelming.

At the moment your concepts of life and the nature of the universe are narrow because they are limited to the reports of your physical senses.

But when you employ extrasensory perception you can gain information about the inner realm and what transpires there and astrological energies and how they influence you.

You need to know that you’re not isolated from this high-velocity realm.

At all times you’re being influenced by the conditions and events that occur there.

Your life is constantly being influenced by astrological energies and the thought-currents of the inner-plane.

This influence is taking place at a not-conscious level.

Your not-conscious soul-mind is directly influenced by the happenings taking place in this high velocity world and your not-conscious mental activity is the principle cause of your life experience.

Fuzzy reception

You can liken the inner-astral-plane to a radio station that is transmitting a signal that is faint and fuzzy.

The reception isn’t clear so it is difficult to hear what’s taking place there.

If you wish to make contact the static on the line presents a problem.

The inability to make contact is an isolating factor.

The take-home message

The inner-astral-plane is a sub-atomic realm that’s interior to the physical.

It is not material.

It’s where your thoughts and feelings exist and it’s the realm of astrological energies.

And on average the inner-plane environment has as great an influence over your life as does your external circumstances.

The fact that inner-plane energies are not perceived by the physical senses has little bearing upon the validity of their existence, the strength of their power or their denial by academic scientists.

You cannot underestimate the significance and influence of the high-velocity inner world but it will remain a no-knowledge zone until you develop extrasensory perception.

Author: DW Sutton

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