Brotherhood of Light ESP research

The Brotherhood Light acknowledges the existence of the soul, astrological energies and the soul senses.

It’s not just a vague belief.

It has conducted a massive amount of research that proves they do.

Its ESP research was focused on acquiring new knowledge relative to psychic powers and how they could be safely developed.

The Brotherhood of Light ESP research department hoped to discover a technique that with some training would allow you to use your extrasensory perception to gain information that was otherwise beyond your reach.

Its object was to find the safest and most effective method of developing efficient ESP.

The Brotherhood of Light ESP research department

…was established on December 14, 1937 at 6.45pm (118W15; 34N00).

At the time Elbert Benjamine wrote:

‘From the very first Brotherhood of Light lesson written, it has been our objective to emphasize the importance of astrology and of cultivating the extraordinary powers of the human mind. These powers, as was pointed out from the first, include what now has been popularized under the letters ESP, meaning extrasensory perception.

According to Webster, extra is the Latin prefix meaning over and above; sensory pertains to the five physical senses; and perception is the act of receiving knowledge through the medium of the senses.

Thus ESP means the receiving of knowledge through avenues other than the recognized physical senses.

And in the twenty years since Course 1 was written we have spoken to thousands of students who have had various types of psychic experiences.

This has increased our desire to emphasize that the benefits are high when the psychic senses are developed through the positive method, and that the dangers are indeed very great when they are developed through the method which permits irresponsible tuning in, or control by another intelligence.’

It was the need to provide more reliable information pertaining to the development of extrasensory perception that prompted Elbert to conduct experiments in ESP and telepathy.

He wrote: ‘There are two ways of approaching these endeavors.

One method is positive, and through expanding the consciousness, builds up will power and strengthens the mind.

The other method is negative, an irresponsible tuning in or state of mental passivity (instead of intent mental alertness) which invites more or less control by some other entity.’

Testing telepathy

The research work to test telepathy involved ESP cards.

Elbert explained: To test for telepathy, ‘another individual, preferably in another room, at a given signal, thinks of one of the five symbols, and the percipient tries to discern which one it is.

One of the five symbols is thus thought of at each signal, until there have been 25 attempts, each recorded by the sender and receiver; after which the records are compared.

Any score above 5 correct hits out of the 25, if the trials have been numerous enough, is evidence of ESP.’

The take-home message

The Brotherhood of Light ESP research department did not set out to prove whether or not ESP faculties exist.

Its main objective was to find methods by which with the greatest ease and the least danger, you could develop your ESP power to a point where it could be consistently relied upon to furnish you with otherwise inaccessible information; and by which the hidden executive powers of your mind could be developed and used to demonstrate greater success, happiness and spirituality.

Author: DW Sutton

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