Cracking the astrology code

By 1930 Elbert Benjamine had discovered the thought-cell structure of consciousness and thought elements stored in the thought-cell are the instruction units of psychological heredity.

Each thought element contains the coding for the manufacture of a specific thought-cell and the code is made up of 22 bases.

Each thought-cell base has its astrological equivalent and decoding a soul’s thought-cell structure involves matching the 22 letters in the astrology code with their character correlates.

The understanding of the code was an evolving dynamic and the discovery of new planets played a vital role in its comprehension.

Initially there were 19 and then 20 and 21 letters in the code and Pluto’s discovery in 1930 saw the final piece of the puzzle fitted into place.

Twenty-three later, in 1953, Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the double helix structure of DNA and genes stored in the DNA are the instruction units of biological heredity.

Each gene contains the coding for the manufacture of a specific protein and the code is made up of four bases identified as A – adenine; T – thymine; C – cytosine; and G – guanine.

These are the four letters in the genetic alphabet and you have your own genetic code.

Cracking the astrology code

The first astrologers discovered that the planets and zodiac signs were created to provide every living thing with an astrological blueprint.

It was a breathtaking knowledge.

Then in 1910 when all the astrologers were marching to a mystical Piscean rhythm Elbert Benjamine recognized that the old astrology had to be re-presented and restated in a new scientific way.

This was a time of sensational discovery.

The life-sciences were explaining the key mechanisms that revealed how astrological energies influenced life and Elbert accepted the challenge to crack the astrology code and explain how it worked.

Elbert discovered that the Sun, Moon, eight planets and 12 zodiac signs represent a data-base of thought elements.

Thought-elements and thought-cells are functional if they do something and astrological research provides the scientific evidence that proves they do.

Hermetic science claims that the 22 letters in the astrology code have an easily identifiable function and that the code in the sky expresses as a character code on Earth.

Individual codes, expressing in unique environmental settings, display extraordinary diversity.

So each marker in your personal code has an identifiable part in your character.

Individual letters have their influence reduced or enhanced and astrological laws govern when they get turned on and off.

Cracking the astrology code and deciphering the function of its individual letters was big science.

The credit goes to one man – Elbert Benjamine.

He discovered the role that each letter played in the soul’s consciousness development, and what turned not-conscious thought-cell drivers on.

He dedicated his life to exploring and testing the code’s validity.

The data is now available in the Hermetic system of astrology and interested persons can put it to the test.

And there are some who use it in their daily lives to guide their self-development.

It’s an exciting idea that your life has meaning, purpose and an astrology code.

And it’s not a secret code.

It’s the property of humanity and it’s inviting you to reach for the stars and fulfill your potential.

You and your astrology code have a lot in common so if the hope of discovery is in your soul take the time to investigate your personal version of the great code of life.

The astrology code pictured in your birth chart reveals a character that is rich in intelligence, ability and spiritual potential.

Author: DW Sutton

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