Measuring astral-force

In 1938, Elbert Benjamine knew that astrology was missing something very important.

He believed that the life detailed by your birth chart was mathematically drafted and that mathematics was the key to providing more reliable birth chart data.

He knew that you have a unique character that expresses outstanding behavior traits, attributes, aptitudes, talents, strengths and weaknesses and the astrology code pictured in your birth chart displays this uniqueness.

He knew that an accurate assessment of your character not only required a systematic assessment of your chart, it required measurement.

He knew that the only way the assessment of your birth chart could attain scientific credibility was to have each marker in the chart measured.

And in 1946 he and Bill Drake developed a set of equations that would reliably measure the astrology code mapped in any birth chart.

The astrodynes are the most recent development in an ongoing project that seeks to refine and improve the understanding of the birth chart and the astro-data it contains.

The quest to measure astral-force

The quest to measure astral-force began in early 1938.

That’s when the Brotherhood of Light set out to develop a set of mathematical equations that would measure the relative strength and relative harmony or discord of each planet, aspect, sign and house in any birth chart.

Driven by the need to add reliability and eliminate uncertainty the task was taken up by Brotherhood of Light members who had mathematical ability.

They included Lawrence Dunsmoor, Will P Benjamine, Sue Starnaman and Elbert Benjamine.

The initial work produced formulae that were published in the December 1938 issue of the Rising Star; and in the January 1939 issue Lawrence Dunsmoor wrote an article in which he proposed that a unit of star-force be called an astrodyne.

But the development of a set of equations to measure astral-force proved far more difficult than was ever imagined.

It required an extraordinary level of creativity and ingenuity and it was not until early 1946 that Elbert Benjamine and William Drake joined the dots and developed what are now known as Astrodynes.

It was an extraordinary intellectual feat.

After eight years of experimental investigation and testing, the calculations that finally did the trick fell into place.


The birth chart has been around for thousands of years but it was only in 1946 that Elbert Benjamine and William Drake translated this ancient discovery into a series of mathematical equations.

Elbert had already explained the astrology code and made its intricate language easy to understand.

And then he and Bill went a step further and translated the complexity of the code into simple-to-understand numbers.

The main problem had been the accuracy and usefulness of the measuring scale.

This depends upon the care and ingenuity of its creators and after eight years of experimental testing Elbert Benjamine and William Drake got it right.

The method they developed to measure astral-force and to quantify its harmony or discord was not only an important milestone marking the progress of astrological knowledge, it was one of the truly great achievements of the Aquarian Age.

The mathematical equations that were developed were, in fact, superb and amazingly simple.

They quantified established astrological principles and by giving each birth chart marker a power, harmony and discord score they clarified its influence.

As a measurement tool they were designed to give greater precision to the assessment of a chart’s power, harmony and discord profile.

They do not change Hermetic astrology’s knowledge-base, but by adding precision they could.

And their use by an astrologically aware community will bring amazing benefits.

In choosing to do mathematical modeling, Elbert Benjamine invited you to live a measured life.

And that’s when the story of astrology became much more interesting.

The measurement of astral-force rewrote the astrology rule book.

With the development of the astrodynes Hermetic astrology became truly scientific.

The numbers transformed the Brotherhood of Light’s astrological knowledge into a super science.

Author: DW Sutton

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