The grand theory of astrology

The grand theory of astrology

To stand up to serious scientific scrutiny and to attain scientific acceptance astrology must be supported by a credible theory that explains what’s going on.

So here’s the theory proposed by Elbert Benjamine and the Brotherhood of Light.

Astral vibrations

The Sun, Moon, planets and zodiac signs are transmitters of astral vibrations.

The Sun not only sends forth light, radiant heat and electromagnetic energy, it radiates finer energies through astral and spiritual substances.

These astral vibrations have a wide variety of influences, convey intelligence and have velocities that exceed the speed of light.

All energies existing on the Earth (including thoughts and feelings that express mental and moral attributes) are chiefly derived from the Sun.

The Sun has an electromagnetic energy field, an astral energy field and a spiritual energy field and the planets cutting this huge energy field become transformers and transmitters of electromagnetic, astral (thoughts and feelings) and spiritual (moral) energies.

Each planet, due to its chemical composition and density of material, is adapted to picking up electromagnetic, astral and spiritual energies and stepping (lowering) them down to certain other frequencies and radiating these energies into space.

And these energies, due to a planet’s position in the sky, reach the Earth from different directions.

The zodiac

The Earth has its own field of force, its own electromagnetic and gravitational field, and is divided into a north and south polarity.

The Sun’s relationship to this division determines the Earth’s relationship to the various sections (zodiac signs) of its field of force.

So, the astral vibrations of the zodiac signs owe their vibratory qualities to the Earth’s field of force.

The fixed stars that picture the zodiac signs, through which the planets move, appear to have little or no influence.

In pictograph language they explain the influence of their corresponding zodiac signs.

Physical life has its astral counterpart

Every living thing on the Earth has an astral counterpart which is composed of astral substance.

This astral counterpart interpenetrates and has a molding power over the physical.

It records and retains in its frictionless substance every experience its physical form provides.

Physical life forms react to environment with an awareness that’s recorded in their astral forms.

The outstanding characteristic of astral substance is its responsiveness to thought and thought has a velocity that is faster than light.

Astral substance is not physical, it belongs to the astral plane, and its frictionless quality permits the saving and storage of memory.

Modern psychology identifies the astral counterpart as the unconscious or not-conscious mind and orthodox religion identifies it as the soul.


The not-conscious mind is the super-intelligence that builds, directs and manages the physical body it animates.

It’s a receiving set for the energies transmitted by the planets and zodiac signs.

The not-conscious soul-mind exists on the astral plane which is the realm of astrological energies.

It’s a thought-built intelligence that’s attached to the physical form it animates by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts.

Psychokinesis is a hybrid word derived from two Greek words meaning mind and motion.

It refers to the moving of physical objects, or otherwise affecting physical conditions, by the non-physical power of mind and thought.

University experiments have confirmed that mind possesses psychokinetic power.

Electromagnetic energy

Electromagnetic energies are generated by the cells of your physical body.

Every physical cell is a miniature battery generating electricity.

The nerve cells of your nervous system, including the grey matter of the frontal lobes of your brain, are carriers of electrical currents.

They’re the best producers of shortwave radiations.

The cells of your brain generate the most positive electrical energy of the highest potential.

Associated with the physical form is an electromagnetic body or field.

Electromagnetic energy is the means by which information is conveyed.

Life is feeling and intelligence expressing through form so electromagnetic energy is the secret of life.

It permits a two-way exchange of information between the not-conscious soul and physical body and brain.

Nerve currents flowing over your nerves transmit information, picked up by your senses, to your brain where you – the objective awareness – receive the astral email.

Nerve currents also transmit instructions from your (astral) brain to your muscles, glands and other body parts.

Nerve currents, generated by the cells, flow over the nervous system.

They’re a specialized form of electromagnetic energy.

They are not physical.

They have approximately the speed of light and mainly belong to the astral plane.

Electromagnetism is the energy that permits the electronic transfer of know-how and intelligence from the not-conscious soul to the physical brain and body it animates.

It allows the soul to control and manage its physical form.

So that’s the theory.

You can test for the existence of the inner-astral-plane, where your soul resides and astrological energies operate, through astrology or extrasensory perception.

The astrological method requires the assessment of your birth chart and the timing of your life story by astrological events that occur in the chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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