Hermetic astrology becomes a self-science

Before a birth chart can be assessed it has to be calculated and prior to computer calculated charts most people couldn’t do the calculations.

The custom was for those who could to become professional astrologers or teachers.

It was an unfortunate situation caused by circumstance but Elbert Benjamine always encouraged people to assess their own charts.

He knew that astrology was essentially a self-science.

The science of astrology when applied to your birth chart allows you to eavesdrop on what nature has destined for you.

Elbert knew that the best person to understand the encrypted astrological messages written in your birth chart was you.

He wanted you to personally access the information contained in your chart.

He didn’t want you believing what others thought.

He wanted you to do your own thinking.

Hermetic astrology is self-science

Elbert knew that the data contained in your birth chart was meant for an audience of one.

And now in the age of computer technology you have easy access to a computer calculated birth chart and the astro-data it contains.

Elbert’s idealistic vision of you being your own astrologer has become a reality.

He gave you the science of the soul and stars and now you can apply the science to enlighten yourself about your soul.

With Hermetic astrology and your birth chart you can get to know your favorite topic of interest very, very well.

They allow you to become self-savvy.

Your birth chart is jam packed with information about you and your life.

This information can’t be understood by a casual observer.

Hermetic astrology is a self-science.


Self learning is a process.

You have to turn the focus of your desire to learn on yourself.

Your birth chart makes it easy.

It’s a personal reference that provides personal information.

It reveals your background.

If you know where you’re coming from you can structure your life to meet your current needs.

Your life is a developing story.

You can look at yourself through the lens of your birth chart and take action to rectify what you’re doing wrong.

The chart allows you to conduct a detailed inspection of your character.

It contains faults and imperfections and one of your jobs is to fix the behavior traits that cause mishap and misfortune.

Astrological knowledge, when applied to your birth chart, is a tool that allows you to determine the best course of action to take under any circumstance.

It doesn’t alter the natural trend of your life.

Your birth chart simply provides data that you can use to change your conduct in the direction you desire.

You have to clean up your own act.

You’re responsible for how well you do

Science – or another person – can’t study or scrutinize your subjective states of mind.

Science is about observing from the outside and this means that only you can study what you’re thinking and feeling.

Self-science started as a theoretical idea.

Elbert Benjamine pulled individual bits of astrological data into a coherent and practical self-science.

Your birth chart is your most reliable source of self-information.

With your birth chart and Hermetic astrology you can piece yourself together bit by bit.

With birth chart knowledge you can focus on your best behaviors, iron out the rough spots and get on with the business of getting better at being you.

Your progressed chart provides regular intelligence updates that you can use when getting on with your life.

Your job is to learn your birth chart, translate its data into meaningful self-information and track the intelligence reports.

With reliable self-knowledge you can live a well informed and successful life.

Elbert Benjamine made it possible for you to take control of your life, health and destiny.

Author: DW Sutton

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