The Sacred Tarot

The Sacred Tarot

The tarot in the internet age is in a similar position to astrology.

Throughout history it has always been degraded into cheap fortune-telling.

The tarot cards, like a birth chart, are used by fortune-tellers to divine or speculate on the future.

An entry in Wikipedia will tell you that the tarot dates back to the mid-15th century – but it’s much older than that.

Its origins date back to ancient Chaldea and ancient Egypt but the masters of occult law back then got the symbolic pictographs depicted on the cards from an even more ancient source.

In the very ancient past the first astrologers marked their discoveries regarding the soul and stars with appropriate symbols.

They engraved their spiritual wisdom in the sky and on plates.

The Egyptians called these plates the Royal Path of Life because they provide knowledge on how self-conscious immortality can be attained.

Tar in Egyptian means path and Ro means royal.

The symbolic pictographs engraved on the Egyptian tarot cards portray stellar wisdom as it was understood by Egyptian initiates.

Elbert Benjamine’s Sacred Tarot

Elbert Benjamine (aka CC Zain) wrote Brotherhood of Light course 6, The Sacred Tarot, in 1918.

There he explains that the ancients supplemented their astrological knowledge, which was traced in its broader principles in the stars above, with tarot pictures.

And because the cards picture astrological symbolism their true import and understanding requires knowledge of astrology.

In the Sacred Tarot Elbert explains spiritual science including the science of numbers, the science of vibration, universal symbolism and use and scope of the tarot cards.

He explains that the cards are the best means for facilitating the extension of consciousness (extrasensory perception) and that they were developed to help you extend your own consciousness to specific inner-plane information and to make correct observations.

In 1936 Elbert revised and rewrote the Sacred Tarot.

At this time the Church of Light produced its own tarot card deck.

The old Egyptian tarot pictures were accurately described by Iamblichus in a document entitled, An Egyptian Initiation, and the Church of Light tarot cards replicate his descriptions.

The Sacred Tarot is jam-packed with highly abstruse spiritual knowledge, but the cards do have a practical application and can be used to learn about practical life matters pertaining to the here and now.

Ancient wisdom

The Brotherhood of Light’s spiritual messages and exalted teachings have been passed down from ancient times via secret schools.

Astrology is the golden key and the tarot is the silver key.

Both conform to mathematical principles and together they open the door to all knowledge.

In the Sacred Tarot Elbert Benjamine takes you on a spiritual tour de force.

He explains the symbolic meaning associated with each tarot card.

Their primary objective is to impress upon your soul the vital truths regarding your past history and future destiny.

And their purpose is to enlighten and provide spiritual knowledge.

With the Sacred Tarot Elbert dispenses with the need for secret lodges and secret brotherhoods.

He reveals the purpose behind their rituals, ceremonies, symbols and secret initiation ceremonies.

He claimed that secrecy regarding soul knowledge was not a virtue and that the time has come when a few will no longer possess a monopoly on the truths regarding spiritual things.

And by making secret information public it was no longer secret.

In the Sacred Tarot Elbert blows the whistle on spiritual science but it’s a struggle to learn, understand and apply.

Its clear comprehension requires elevated spiritual intelligence and that’s acquired by hard work and persistent effort.

Author: DW Sutton

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