The astrology superstar

Long before the Hubble telescope spied on distant galaxies the first astrologers scanned and investigated the heavens.

Astrology has been around since time immemorial.

In the ancient past the first astrologers investigated, discovered and documented spiritual knowledge that couldn’t be understood by the profane.

And, as time marched on, astrology’s knowledge-base grew and evolved.

Astrology grew in sophistication and around 150AD Claudius Ptolemy documented all the knowledge in Tetrabiblos.

But in order to remain relevant knowledge moves forward and Ptolemy’s astrology is now a thing of the past.

It’s been given an Aquarian Age makeover by the greatest astrologer who has ever lived.

Elbert Benjamine

Elbert Benjamine was scientifically trained.

In the age of knowledge he received a university education.

It provided him with academic credentials and a scientific way of thinking and he quickly realized that the old astrology was based on unsubstantiated beliefs and mystical ideas.

The hard evidence to support its claims was in very short supply.

It just wasn’t suitable for the new scientific age.

It had to go.

He knew that all the traditional Hermetic teachings on the science of the soul and stars had to be rigorously examined and scientifically tested to make them relevant in the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius was the herald of a new age of astrology.

The expert witness

Astrology is specialized knowledge.

It’s a spiritual science and to understand its data and profound messages required an expert witness.

The science of astrology commences with the birth chart.

It pictures an astrology code that acts as a character and talent development blueprint and Elbert Benjamine broke the code – translated it into English – devised a systematic method for personal interpretation – and gave it to humanity.

He discovered that the popular conception of astrology as a simple causal agent was invalid.

A birth chart factor could not be seen as an autonomous unit.

And its influence was not set in cement or predetermined.

He translated the astrological messages left by spiritual masters and applied a culturally relevant perspective to their original meanings.

From 1915 to 1950 he researched, upgraded and developed the Hermetic system of astrology.

He transformed the way we think about astrology.

He validated the ancient Hermetic teachings on the soul and stars with newly discovered scientific knowledge.

He made the Brotherhood of Light’s spiritual message scientifically and culturally relevant for the new Aquarian Age civilization.

A spiritual success story

Elbert Benjamine possessed an enhanced awareness of nature and how nature worked.

His perception, thinking and comprehension skills allowed him to discover the secrets of the soul and the role played by astrological laws in its consciousness development.

Elbert made sense of life and its purpose.

In the astrological field his writings far surpass the contribution of all the other writers.

Elbert applied his specialized intelligence and ability to understanding the laws of nature.

He used scientific standards to validate ancient Hermetic teachings.

He created a scientific language for astrology.

He transformed the way we think about astrology and the way astrological data should be perceived and applied.

He expanded our understanding of life and the world and presented a masterful integration of information from various sources into a great edifice of astrological and spiritual knowledge.

Elbert pushed the boundaries of knowledge and released us from the constraints imposed by orthodoxy and fundamentalism.

He explained the natural energies on which you and the universe are being constructed.

He uncovered hidden truths that most could never find.

He made certain.

He weighed the evidence and refined his understanding until he got the whole picture into correct perspective.

Elbert Benjamine was the expert witness and the astrology superstar.

His life as a human soul was a magnificent story of scientific achievement and spiritual success.

Author: DW Sutton

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