Evidence-based scientific research

Based on traditional Hermetic teachings the Hermetic system of astrology was further developed by Elbert Benjamine between 1900 and 1915.

It was first taught in 1915 and made available in manuscript form to students in 1920.

At this time the system included many teachings that had not been tested to determine their veracity.

But the testing would require thousands of birth charts, a reliable testing procedure and astonishing astrological expertise.

It would require a research department and in April 1924 the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department was established.

It took the ancient teachings and gave them an Aquarian Age scientific makeover.

It was all due to Lenora Conwell.

Brotherhood of Light astrological research

Lenora Conwell was a member of the Brotherhood of Light and in early 1924 she recognized that it was time to put astrology, its theories and the birth chart it employed under scientific scrutiny.

It was a visionary idea that was easier said than done.

Research required chart data.

Charts had to be constructed and assessed.

It was a human resources issue.

And between 1924 and 1943 Lenora Conwell solved the issue.

She calculated and constructed the 5800 birth charts that Elbert Benjamine and she scientifically assessed using statistical analysis.

It took 4 years for the research department to develop a valid research method and procedure and in June 1929 the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department published its first report: What Makes a Movie Star?

What followed was an avalanche of new evidence-based astrological knowledge.

From April 1929 to September 1943 fifty-eight research reports each covering 100 birth charts were published.

5,800 birth charts were calculated, constructed and scientifically assessed.

There were 8 disease research reports, 30 vocational reports and 20 event reports.

Brotherhood of Light research phase II

In September 1943 the research work ceased primarily due to a lack of birth data.

It resumed in September 1946.

At this time Elbert Benjamine was assisted by Doris Chase Doane and William Drake.

Bill Drake had collaborated with Elbert in developing the astrodynes.

And from September 1947 to June 1954 the Church of Light astrological research department published 11 disease reports, 1 event report and 5 reports on progressions and horary astrology.

The final (preliminary) report on gall bladder trouble was published in June 1954.

The astrology revolution

Research is crucial to any scientific endeavor.

It’s needed to confirm the validity of a hypothesis.

You’re relying on evidence-based facts.

No stone should be left unturned in the search to discover the facts of a matter.

With evidence-based facts you can live a better more worthwhile life and this includes astrological and birth chart facts.

It’s in your best interest to work with authentic astrological information.

You need accurate, reliable self-knowledge.

It’s crucial to your life and living.

It allows you find the ultimate personal truth – the truth that sets you free.

And thanks to Elbert Benjamine, Lenora Conwell and the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department you have more evidence-base astrological facts to work with than you ever imagined.

From April 1924 to September 1954 the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department was the most comprehensive astrological laboratory in the world.

For the first time in history the Brotherhood of Light acquired astrological data using the scientific method and statistical analysis.

It was a history making moment – an astrology revolution – that provided humanity with evidence-based scientific astrological facts.

Author: DW Sutton

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