Hermetic astrology and the science of timing events

Astrology is a repository of ancient wisdom and modern research has scientifically upgraded the accuracy and reliability of the ancient data.

Ancient and modern information has been compiled into a grand data-base of astrological knowledge.

Astrological markers have been matched with their psychological correlates.

Not-conscious needs are ascribed to the planets – attitudes and behavior styles to the zodiac signs – and all the data has been scientifically tested.

The laws of nature have been subject to rigorous scientific testing and your birth chart reveals what nature has destined for you.

Hermetic astrology and you

Hermetic astrology provides a new paradigm.

It explains how your soul or not-conscious mind is adhered to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts.

It explains how your body’s electrical activity produces an electromagnetic field that facilitates the transfer of information from your soul to your brain and body.

And knowledge like this allows you to understand how your mind controls your body’s biochemical activity.

Hermetic astrology is a character-trait appraisal system that studies the thought structure of your soul and the environmental setting that shapes your character.

It gives your soul’s thought-structure an intellectual foundation and by providing an intelligence-based theory of life it allows you to define your role in universal society.

It explains that non-physical astrological forces impact on your mind and influence your not-conscious mental activity.

It’s a life-support system that can be applied to any task.

Hermetic astrology is an expert system that helps you navigate your life.

It allows you to access your future.

Your life and birth chart

Your life is a bundle of activities, interests and social relationships and your birth chart reveals how everything is put together and coordinated by your soul or not-conscious mind.

The chart pictures the entire package and what’s likely to eventuate unless you do something to change what’s indicated.

You chart reveals a natural potential to acquire and develop intelligence and ability and times when the major developmental experiences are scheduled to occur.

But your future is not a definite event.

It’s a not-conscious desire that has been set in motion.

Timing your life story

Your life is a series of events that occur in time and your progressed chart does the timing.

Astrological events called progressed aspects are inevitable, but they do not time inevitable events.

They stimulate not-conscious desire into activity and its likely mode of expression has been determined by its conditioning by experience.

So, the progressed aspect and the stimulation to your not-conscious desire are inevitable, but the major life event that coincides with the progressed aspect is not specified.

Your progressed chart times your life story but the events it forecasts can never be viewed as absolute certainties.

The take home messages

Throughout your life, your now-astrology times when not-conscious desire will be stimulated into activity.

It has been conditioned by previous experience to express in a given way so what happens is due to the not-conscious desire, not your birth chart.

Hermetic astrology is the science of timing and when it’s applied to your birth chart it permits an assessment of upcoming events and when they can occur.

Author: DW Sutton

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