Future-forecasting with numbers

The astrodynes eliminate estimation, bias, uncertainty and disagreement.

By measuring the relative power, harmony and discord of each planet, aspect, sign and house in your birth chart they have revolutionized the reliability of the messages it documents.

They give the data provided by statistical analysis a higher scientific status and allow you to use mathematics to describe your behavior.

Your birth chart’s astrodynes provide very reliable power, harmony and discord measurements and this data sets the scene for future-forecasting with numbers.

Your birth chart

Your birth chart is a forecast model that provides astro-data for now and in the future.

The planets and zodiac signs are plot points that permit the forecasting of astro-data.

But future-forecasting requires a forecast model and your progressed chart fits the bill.

Your birth chart describes an energy potential and astrological events, called progressed aspects, subsequent to your birth indicate when this potential will be turned on and stimulated in a way that produces action and events.

Your progressed chart for a selected date reveals your energy situation and provides a very accurate measure of the energy increase and its harmony or discord.

Your now-astrology

Your now-astrology provides current astrological data.

Progressed aspects cause deviations to birth chart data.

Power, harmony and discord values deviate.

They go up and down.

And mathematics permits a better understanding of the power, harmony and discord variations as your chart progresses.  

The astrodynes for a progressed aspect provide a set of numbers that you can factor into its assessment.

The numbers allow you to use reason to check your psychic impressions that your chart stimulates.

By providing practical information in the form of measurement they assist your reasoning process.

They allow you to make a more reliable assessment of how the progressed aspect will play out.


…your progressed chart doesn’t determine what the event will be and it doesn’t reveal how far you will go or what you’ll achieve with the available energy.

A progressed aspect’s astrodynes provide reliable quantitative and qualitative values, but the prediction of your future behavior is not an exclusively mathematical exercise.

It involves behavior factors such as conditioning, the potential to learn, the initiative to act on and apply acquired knowledge and the free will to change your behavior and these things may not be subject to mathematical measurement.

Your progressed chart as a forecast model is set up to consider historical behavior and you’re the only person who knows your history and conditioning by experience.

Reliable forecasting involves a judicious merger of your astro-data, mathematics, conditioning by experience and current environment.


…with all this talk of progressed charts and numbers there’s no escaping the fact that you’re the only person who can make sense of your life and future.

You should use the chart as a guide to better living and your now-astrology as a program of astrological events that have been destined by nature to sustain your development.

Dynamic changes occurring in your now-astrology indicate that specified character factors are being turned on and your self-development requires reliable self-data, a reliable forecast model and you to interpret the data and use it in the most effective way.

You should study your birth chart to gain soul-deep self-understanding and when you understand the science of timing events you can use the Horoscope chart calculation program to track your major, minor and transit progressions and take charge of your self-development.

Author: DW Sutton

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