Your progressed chart

Submerged beneath your conscious mental world and hidden from you – the objective observer – is a world of not-conscious thoughts and feelings.

Powerful not-conscious drivers are the primary determinants of your life experience and the layout of your not-conscious mental world or character is revealed to you by your birth chart.

And your birth chart – just like your life – is not standing still.

It’s a moving form that’s in motion.

The planets in your birth chart progress.

You have a progressed chart.

Your progressed chart

When you progress your birth chart to a date you choose you have a progressed chart that displays your birth chart planets and their progressed positions on that date.

The chart measures and explains internal change.

As the planets in your birth chart progress they change signs and houses and form progressed aspects with birth chart and other progressed planets.

Major progressed aspects mark for major-life events.

Your birth chart allows you to identify event markers and when they’re activated by one or more progressed aspects the event can occur.

Your progressed chart reveals changes in your not-conscious thought-cell activity.

This change can produce important events.

Events don’t just occur they’re attracted by the psychokinetic power of character factors, called thought-cell groups in your not-conscious soul-mind.

Your progressed chart allows you to observe and monitor what’s going on.

Working with your progressed chart

Your progressed chart is a freeze-frame that allows you to shoot the past, present and future.

You can progress your chart to the date of a major life-changing event in your past and see what not-conscious mental factors were responsible for attracting the event.

And you can progress it to any date in the future to see what’s coming up.

Your progressed chart allows you to observe and monitor what’s going on in your not-conscious soul-mind on a selected date.

It allows you to see what character factor is being turned on and the type of experience it’s inclined to attract.

Previous experience and current circumstance allow you to clarify what’s likely to occur.

New events and conditions sustain your character development.

You’re emerging out of a constantly developing potential and your progressed chart allows you to know what’s coming up next.

It provides powerful information that you can use to guide your efforts to become the best that you can be.

What you need to know

The Horoscope chart calculation program calculates all your progressed aspects on a selected date and their start, peak and end dates.

Each progressed aspect has a wide time-frame during which the major event it signifies can occur but the event will only occur when the major progressed aspect is stimulated by a minor progressed aspect and triggered by a transit.

The Horoscope chart calculation program provides all this data in an easy to read format.

But a list of progressed aspects doesn’t rid you of the necessity of sighting your progressed chart and developing a clear concept of what’s going on, who’s involved and what life-matter, activity or social relationship is being influenced for better or worse by each progressed aspect.

Author: DW Sutton

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