Your life

You life is a bundle of life-matters and their associated habits.

You have a home and family life and a daily life routine that involves domestic and home-life habits.

You have a social life that involves social fun, companionship, outings and entertainment. You have social habits.

You have a work life that involves work, duties, responsibilities and work associates. Your work life is a routine habit.

In each instance the routine and the daily life events and conditions you’re inclined to attract are mapped by the houses in your birth chart pertaining to the life-matter.

The planets in or ruling these houses define a trend.

Your home, family, social and work lives are predictable routines.

Minor events

Your daily life is a bundle of inconsequential events that have little or no importance.

They might give you something to chat about but they don’t alter anything.

But every now and then your normal life routine is punctuated by an event of minor importance.

It can be fortunate or unfortunate but its influence in the scheme of things is of minor consequence.

It might be financial problem that temporarily upsets your budget; a social outing of some importance; a new work associate who takes a bit of getting used to; or an injury or illness that temporarily lays you low.

But then – just occasionally – an important life-changing event occurs.

Major events

Major events do not occur that often.

They can be fortunate or unfortunate but their influence is always important and life changing.

They bring major change.

Getting a job, being given a promotion, getting married, buying a home, moving house, becoming a parent, serious illness, life threatening disease, a major accident, an overseas holiday and receiving an award or honor are common major life events.

They can involve your health, finances, siblings, mother, father, boss, partner, child, friend or neighbor.

Whatever, the distinguishing feature of a major event is its relative importance and at the time it occurs there is always a major progressed aspect in your birth chart that clearly declares it’s on your life agenda.

And after each major life changing event you adjust to the new situation and establish a habitual routine that involves minor and inconsequential events until a new major progressed aspect pertaining to the life-matter heralds the likelihood of another major life event occurring.

The inside story

Your life story replicates your birth chart.

Each chapter involves life-matters, activities and people.

Their story lines replicate the houses in your chart.

Each house is ruled by one or more planets.

The events pertaining to a house are characterized by the nature of the planets in or ruling the house.

Your birth chart maps general predispositions and they only become actual events when they’re stimulated into activity by a progressed aspect.

You will only marry, divorce, have a child, find work, change jobs, benefit through friends, make money, lose money, experience honor or discredit or have a particular disease when your progressed chart indicates you will.

A major progressed aspect adds energy to specified character factors within your not-conscious mind and they work to attract events in accord with your previous conditioning and birth chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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