Progressed aspects build character

If you could live a life of ease and comfort there’s a good chance you would choose it.

But think again…

Ease and comfort promote pleasure seeking and idleness.

The social set spends time gadding about, having fun and partying.

The idle rich indulge in money making, market watching and worrying.

A life of pleasure seeking and idleness produces no positive benefits.

There’s not much character development going on.

Without adversity there’s no incentive and no challenge.

It’s a sign that the character is stagnating.

It may seem counter-intuitive but struggle is good for you.

Struggle – within reason and with the right attitude – ensures that your character will experience positive, worthwhile growth and development.

Struggle builds strength of character.

Nature’s character building plan

Nature has endowed you with a special type of intelligence and ability and its development requires a special life experience.

Nature needs your intelligence and ability and she’s not going to let you stagnate.

Your birth chart has discord sectors that mark for difficulties and problems so you can only conclude that nature deems this discord to be necessary for your character development.

Your character has bad sectors that cause you problems and the only way you can overcome the problem is to change your ineffective conduct.

Your problems initiate struggle and effort and when they’re overcome your reward is an increase in intelligence and ability.

Birth chart and progressed squares and oppositions are testing forces that when properly used and understood enable you to build strength, initiative, resistance, determination and faith.

They are nature’s way of ensuring that you won’t drift along.

Mishap and misfortune cause you to feel pain and discomfort and your immediate response is to struggle to escape the pain.

By experiencing pain you build fortitude and resilience into your character.

Nature permits no stagnation; life-forms must struggle or perish.

What’s really going on?

The chances are that your character is in rather poor shape so you’ve got a lot of character building to do.

The rough spots have to be ironed out and harmonized.

Your misguided, ineffective behavior has to be made effective and useful.

There’s discord in your birth chart and you’ll experience difficulties and misfortune when it’s activated by progression.

Adversity and struggle provide the opportunity to develop character.

You learn to dish it out and to take it.

Discord allows you to learn what you’re doing wrong.

It lets you know what needs fixing.

Discord and struggle play a crucial role in building your intelligence and ability.

And with enough intelligence and ability you’ll be able to monitor your progressed aspects, heed the mishap warning, avoid the problem and successfully navigate the discord.

Author: DW Sutton

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