The progressed chart, explained

Your birth chart, just like you, has a future.

It’s a story teller that relates your life story.

Chapter 1 involves your early home life and your parents were a powerful situational force who influenced your development and what was inclined to occur.

Even so, your character was and is – at any time – the dynamic factor.

The events and conditions you experience on your life journey are just your character doing its thing.

New events and conditions sustain your development.

Your birth chart provides a character template that defines your life story which unfolds as your chart progresses.

A computer calculated progressed chart looks like this...A progressed chart is calculated for a selected date.

The birth chart planets are progressed to this date.

The chart is a freeze-frame that displays the major progressed planets placed around the birth chart in the degree and minute of the zodiac they occupy.

The chart’s declination grid records each planet’s birth chart and progressed declinations.

On the selected date a progressed planet may have moved to form an aspect with a birth chart or other progressed planet.

The aspect is called a progressed aspect.

Your progressed chart forecasts major life events

Your progressed chart provides powerful information.

Your life unfolds as progressed aspects form in your birth chart.

Both the birth chart and progressed planets are markers for major life-changing events.

The events mapped in your birth chart only become real-life events when their not-conscious character factors are stimulated into activity by one or more major progressed aspects.

The nature of the planet and its harmony or discord defines the type of event that its not-conscious correlate is inclined to attract.

So, your chief interest is in knowing what progressed aspects have formed in your chart on a selected date.

When you progress your chart to a date in the future you can learn about what’s coming up on your life agenda.

And if you’re well acquainted with your birth chart and the laws of astrology you can use this knowledge and take control of your life and destiny.

Author: DW Sutton

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