The code expresses in an environmental setting

The astrology code is a data-base of 22 letters.

It’s a set of instructions for the emergence and development of intelligence and ability and this requires an environmental setting that provides events and conditions.

States of consciousness emerge in response to circumstance; and the environmental setting that provides the circumstance has as much influence over what emerges as the code itself.

The environmental setting

Almost identical codes operating in quite different environments have been observed to produce very different results. And this illuminates the powerful role played by environment in shaping the latent intelligence and ability that’s embedded in the code and awaiting development.

Codes express in time and place and the union of astrology code and environmental setting sets the scene for the development of a special type of intelligence and ability.

The environmental setting provides individual codes with a special frame of reference.

Your local environment

You were born in time and space and these powerful influences represent your local environment.

The astrology code displayed in your birthchart reveals how your character has been formatted by previous experience.

Your soul is a self-organizing memory-system and its psychological responses to the events and circumstances it experiences are saved in designated memory compartments.

These compartments are mapped by the houses in your birth chart.

Your starter-pack provides a foundation for future development which takes place in a new environmental setting that provides events and conditions you have never before encountered.  

This environment provides fortunate and unfortunate events and facilitates some events and negates others.

The houses in your birth chart

There are twelve houses in your birth chart and each house specifies definite life-matters, activities, interests and people.

Each house provides astrological data about the events and conditions that you’re likely to encounter on your life journey.

You could say this journey is a series of events and the houses map the venue and who’s involved.

The functionality of a house – its tendency towards fortunate or unfortunate events – can be measured.

A harmonious, functional house in your birthchart inclines towards fortunate events and pleasant experiences. In this instance your intelligence and ability will develop through pleasure.

A discordant, dysfunctional house marks for unfortunate events and unpleasant experiences. In this instance your intelligence and ability will develop through pain, until you decide that it’s time to change.

Your life will unfold just as your chart indicates unless you do something and change what’s indicated.

Author: DW Sutton

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