The astrology code has functionality

Functional integrity refers to the functionality of performance and the astrology code has functionality.

Each of its 22 letters has functional integrity.

Each letter is functional – performs a function – and has a special mode of expression and purpose.

Each letter is designed for or adapted to a function or use.

The functional integrity of individual codes refers to their consistency, soundness and freedom from corruption. And the notion that individual codes have functional integrity presupposes that every code has an optimum/best mode of expression.

The notion of dysfunction presupposes that factors within a code are compromising the soundness of its performance; and this notion introduces you to the angular relationships of the planets.

The aspects

These angular relationships – called aspects – are the primary influence affecting the functionality of individual astrology codes.

So, the aspects formed by the planets influence the quality of their expression.

This can be harmonious or discordant.

The aspects in your birthchart mark for harmonious and discordant not-conscious thought-structures that are inclined to express functional (harmonious) and dysfunctional (discordant) thoughts, feelings and actions.

It’s the harmony or discord embedded in a thought-cell group or thought-cell structure that determines its functionality, grade of expression or effectiveness.

So thinking that is harmonious and constructive has a good fortune potential and thinking that is discordant and destructive has a misfortune potential.

Your behavior has functionality

Your behavior serves a function.

It’s designed for or adapted to a purpose or function and has a norm or expected mode of expression.

Functionality refers to its quality or soundness of performance.

Your behavior has functionality and your dysfunctional behavior is ineffective and misguided. It has a failure outcome.

Your daily performance and success in life is greatly influenced by the functionality of your behavior.

Some take-home messages

The harmony and discord markers in the astrology code play a crucial role in God’s great school of intelligence and ability development.

The harmony markers have a potential to sustain and enhance functionality, but it’s easy to abuse and misuse ease and comfort.

Discord, as malfunction, plays itself out in your life as various misfortunes.

The discord markers impair and antagonize functionality, but overcoming problems requires effort and the reward for effort is increased ability.

Dysfunction within your astrology code serves an important educational function.

It has been built into the code as a tool for developing ability and intelligence through the discomfort that accompanies misfortune and hardship.

Discord, expressing as a potential to engage in misguided conduct that causes pain and discomfort, prompts you to change or modify the offending behavior.

The notion of functionality presupposes that your astrology code has an optimum/best mode of expression that provides you with a goal to strive for and a starting point for an even better behavior performance.

And just for the record no code expresses perfect functionality and misguided socially sanctioned success markers can’t always be relied upon to accurately measure a behavior’s functionality.  

Author: DW Sutton

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