Sign decanates

The sign decanates are not part of the astrology code but they do specify the general influence of the zodiac signs which are.

They’re more astrological wisdom from an unknown ancient world.

The first astrologers discovered that the twelve zodiac signs could be divided into three sections which they called decanates.

So, a decanate is a 10º sub-section of a zodiac sign.

The first decanate of a sign occupies 00º to 9º 59' 59"

The second decanate occupies 10º to 19º 59' 59" and

The third decanate occupies 20º to 29º 59' 59"

The decanates

A decanate has a distinct influence of its own.

Each zodiac sign expresses a basic motivating force and a sign’s three decanate subdivisions give this fundamental motivation a slightly different shading, which is only slightly less pronounced than the sign itself.

Their influence is pictured in the sky by their corresponding ultra-zodiacal constellation.

Your decanate profile

The decanates are an important cog in the wheel of life and your birth chart pictures a key decanate profile that provides powerful information regarding your existence and reason for being.

You’re an important component – a building block – of a creative, intelligent universe and your decanate profile reveals your specialness.

It displays special features – trends, conditions and circumstances – that fit in with your character and the outstanding abilities indicated by your dominant planet.

The decanates and their keyword descriptions

Aries the Ram – I am – leadership

First decanate: Triangulum the triangle – activity

Second decanate: Eridanus the river of life – exaltation        

Third decanate: Perseus the valiant hero – propaganda

Taurus the Bull – I have – stability

First decanate: Lepus the hare – determination

Second decanate: Orion the hunter – struggle

Third decanate: Auriga the charioteer– mastership

Gemini the Twins – I think – versatility

First decanate: Ursa Minor the small bear – intuition

Second decanate: Canis Major the large dog – fidelity

Third decanate: Ursa Major the large bear – reason

Cancer the Crab – I feel – tenacity

First decanate: Canis Minor the yapping cur – moods

Second decanate: Hydra the water-serpent – revelation

Third decanate: Argo the ship – research

Leo the Lion – I will – kindness

First decanate: Crater the furnace – rulership

Second decanate: Centaurus the centaur – reformation

Third decanate: Corvus the raven – ambition

Virgo the Virgin – I analyze – analysis

First decanate: Bootes the bear driver – achievement

Second decanate: Hercules the hero – experience

Third decanate: Corona Borealis the northern cross – renunciation

Libra the Scales – I balance – affability

First decanate: Serpens the serpent – policy

Second decanate: Draco the dragon – independence

Third decanate: Lupus the wolf – expiation

Scorpio the Scorpion – I desire – resourcefulness

First decanate: Ophiuchus the serpent wrestler – resourcefulness

Ophiuchus is not the 13th sign of the zodiac. It’s a constellation in the sky. The zodiac is a belt of astral energy that surrounds the Earth. It consists of 12 easily identifiable energies that have a distinct influence on life.

Second decanate: Ara the altar – responsibility

Third decanate: Corona Australis the southern crown – attainment

Sagittarius the Centaur – I see – loyalty

First decanate: Lyra the harp – devotion

Second decanate: Aquila the eagle – exploration

Third decanate: Sagitta the arrow – illumination

Capricorn the Goat – I use – diplomacy

First decanate: Cygnus the swan – organization

Second decanate: Delphinus the dolphin – martyrdom

Third decanate: Pisces Australia the southern fish – idealism

Aquarius the Man – I know – altruism

First decanate: Equuleus the head of a horse – originality

Second decanate: Pegasus the flying horse – inspiration

Third decanate: Cetus the whale – repression

Pisces the Fishes – I believe – sympathy

First decanate: Cepheus the king – verity

Second decanate: Andromeda the princess chained to a rock – self-sacrifice

Third decanate: Cassiopeia the queen on her throne – vicissitudes

Author: DW Sutton

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