The great code in the sky

The word code has an air of mystery.

A coded message is a system of symbols, letters, words or signals that are used instead of ordinary words and numbers to store information.

The code keeps the message secret or short.

Codes govern every aspect of your life. They’re created by code makers.

There are building codes, health codes, safety codes, legal codes, labeling codes, computer codes and fire codes.

Codes govern your conduct – the way you act in church and how you conduct your daily affairs – and what you eat and how you dress.

The human genetic code is a code of chemicals that provides a blueprint for the structure of a human body.

But these codes are not like the codes used by spies, intelligence agents, governments, military organizations and businesses to protect their messages.

Encoding and decoding

A code involves a system of rules to convert information into another, sometimes shortened secret, form or representation.

It replaces words, phrases, or sentences with groups of letters, symbols or numbers.

The encoding process converts information into symbols for storage or communication.

And the decoding converts the coded symbol back into the message that was originally sent. 

The technology of such secret communication is called cryptology.

From smoke signals to cryptology

A smoke signal is a coded message that is used to transmit news, signal danger, or gather people to a common area.

It has been used since ancient times – in China and Greece – and is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication.

And today in Rome the College of Cardinals uses a smoke signal to indicate the selection of a new Pope during a papal conclave.

Cryptology, from Greek kryptos, means hidden or secret.

It’s the study of the art of writing and solving codes and the practice of securing a communication.

Cryptology is employed by governments, the military, businesses and organizations to protect their messages.

Encryption is the process of encoding messages and today encryption is used to protect the storage of data and transactions between computers.

And in the very ancient past the first astrologers used encryption to protect their astrological messages.

The great code in the sky

There’s a code in the sky that explains the meaning and purpose of life.

Life is feeling and intelligence expressing through form and the code’s 22 letters provide a set of instructions for the emergence and evolution of intelligence and ability.

God’s great astrology code is the engine room of life.

The first astrologers discerned this code and, for security reasons, encrypted their astrological wisdom from a readable state to images that seemed strange and meaningless.

They encoded their precious astrological wisdom in the stars in the sky

They knew that languages come and go and that the world is a dangerous place.

They knew that their precious knowledge had to be protected from the book burners and information savages.

And they knew that every now and then a person possessing the necessary spiritual and moral credentials would decode their coded symbols back into the original messages they intended and give them a contemporary explanation and meaning.

Author: DW Sutton

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