The astrology code

The ancients discovered that the planets and zodiac signs were created to provide every living thing with an astrological destiny.

And Hermetic astrology proposes that the Sun, Moon, eight planets and 12 zodiac signs represent the 22 letters in the astrology code.

Each letter in the code has an easily identifiable function and individual codes display extraordinary diversity.

As a data-base of thoughts, feelings and impulses individual codes express a special kind of intelligence and ability.

Your astrology code is all about you

The astrology code in the sky expresses as a character code on Earth.

Your personal code is pictured in your birth chart. It’s all about you.

Each letter in your personal code has its character correlate and your character is rich in intelligence, ability and resources.

Individual letters have their influence enhanced or reduced and astrological laws govern when they get turned on and off.

You could say that God is tracking your movements.

You’ve been tagged with a personal astrology code and it’s inviting you to know yourself and live an examined life.

Breaking the astrology code

Breaking the astrology code and deciphering the function of its individual letters was big science.

The credit goes to one man – Elbert Benjamine.

He discovered the role that each of the code’s 22 letters play in the soul’s consciousness development; and he dedicated his life to exploring and testing the code’s validity.

He incorporated the data into The Hermetic System of Astrology so the astrology code belongs to humanity. It’s not a secret code.

The code

Identified by their English letters and astrological markers the 22 psychological bases in the astrology code are

A-Mercury: the intellectual urge and desire to learn and communicate

B-Virgo: the I analyze attitude that is detailed, fussy and analytical

C-Neptune: the utopian urge and desire to imagine and idealize

D-Scorpio: the I desire attitude that is secretive, intense and resourceful

E-Jupiter: the religious urge and desire for good-will and abundance

F-Gemini: the I think attitude that is academic, versatile and talkative

G-Libra: the I balance attitude that is just, affable, amiable and fair

H-Capricorn: the I use attitude that is patient, ambitious and diplomatic

I-Uranus: the individualist urge and desire for originality and autonomy

L-Pisces: the I believe attitude that is emotional, trusting and sympathetic

M- Aries: the I am attitude that is impulsive, enthusiastic and trail-blazing

N-Taurus: the I have attitude that is stable, industrious and possessive

O- Mars: the aggressive urge and desire for sex, combat and action

Q- Leo: the I will attitude that is determined, kind and courageous

R-Moon: the domestic urge and desire for a home and family

S-Sun: the power urge and desire for control, significance and respect

Sh-Cancer: the I feel attitude that is sensitive, tenacious and moody

T-Pluto: the universal welfare urge and desire to cooperate or coerce

Th-Aquarius: the I know attitude that is informed, friendly and altruistic

V-Venus: the social urge and desire to love, socialize and have fun

X-Saturn: the security urge and desire to be out of harm’s way and

Z-Sagittarius: the I see attitude that is charitable, loyal and candid

The planets and zodiac signs – the astrology code – provide a world of breathtaking information so if the spirit of adventure and discovery is in your soul take the time to become acquainted with your personal version of the great code of life.

Author: DW Sutton

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