The zodiac

The zodiac is a stationary (fixed) belt of energy that surrounds the Earth. Its center in the sky is a circle that’s apparently followed by the Sun in its annual journey.  

This circle is called the ecliptic and the belt surrounding it is called the zodiac. 

This belt divides into 12 equal sections called signs and the entire zodiac, comprising 12 zodiac signs, is positioned around the large outer circle of your birth chart.

The night sky

If you take a moment and observe the night sky you will notice that the stars appear to describe a semi-circle from horizon to horizon.

What you are actually seeing – the visible constellations – are groups of fixed stars.

Their sequence in the sky matches the sequence of the zodiac signs and the symbolic picture used to identify each constellation – a ram, lion, set of scales, goat etc – reveals the outstanding qualities and behavior traits of its astrological correlate.

Each constellation occupies a varying number of degrees in space, but each zodiac sign occupies exactly 30º along the zodiac belt.

The zodiac’s relationship to the Earth changes as the Earth spins on its axis in its orbit around the Sun.

The zodiac signs

The zodiac is stationary and the planets are wanderers so when viewed from the Earth the planets can be located by their sign locations.

The zodiac signs are the 12 common letters in the astrology code.

In your birth chart the planets and their sign locations are data-points that define your astrology code and reason for being.

Astrological research has determined that the 12 zodiac signs transmit specialized energies that give the energy of the visiting planets a distinct mode of expression.

They give the specialized desire of a planet an attitude and motivation.


Attitude is an important issue.

Your success when doing something depends upon the right attitude and the zodiac signs in your birth chart have functionality, which displays itself in the efficacy of your attitudinal behavior.

You should view the signs with discord as dysfunctional.

They represent behavioral problems and the only way you can remedy the situation is to change your ineffective attitudes and make them effective.

Author: DW Sutton

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