America’s forecast for 2018

December 29, 2017

Explainer: Global astrology charts provide data that is used to forecast future events and conditions that are not inevitable.

As forecast models they do not permit precise prediction.

So global astrology is more like a spectator sport where you know what’s forecast and inclined to occur and then watch events as the game unfolds.

America in 2017

The top US news stories in 2017 involved Donald Trump, North Korea, the FBI, the Great American eclipse, hurricanes, the opioid epidemic and the ‘silence breakers’.

Specifically: Trump’s war of words with North Korea, the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign; the natural disasters that followed the total eclipse of the Sun on August 21; the 64,000 fatal drug overdoses in 2016; and the #MeToo social movement – ‘one of the highest velocity shifts in American culture since the 1960s’.

The map of America’s soul – its birth chart – has Uranus – planet of liberty, racism, experimental experiences, extremists and unexpected change – conjunction the ascendant (the people); and Mercury – the cusp ruler of house 1 (the people) – opposition Pluto – planet of division – in house 9.

And the country is tragically divided.

In 2016 63 million Americans – that’s 25% of the population – opted for change and elected an untried political novice as their President.

Trump is a Uranus president

House 10 rules and defines the type of president/leader a country attracts.

In America’s chart the Moon is in house 10 and Saturn and Uranus (Aquarius on the cusp) are the co-rulers.

And Donald Trump is an unqualified, unorthodox, extremist president who’s ruled by Uranus.

Uranus is in house 1 – the people – so Trump – the very extreme and unconventional president – is having a profound influence on the American people and their health, welfare and disposition.

In a radical moment Uranus discarded the tried and trusted, but if the replacement model proves unsatisfactory the restless malcontent – Uranus – can cause the tide of public opinion to swing back in favor of what was considered banal, stale and unsatisfactory.

The FBI’s Russia probe

In America’s chart house 12 – the FBI – is ruled by Mars (Aries on the cusp) and Venus (Taurus is intercepted).

The FBI’s investigation into political interference by Russia in the 2016 election commenced in July 2016 and has slowly gathered momentum to embroil Donald Trump and his associates.

Mars – the planet of strife and feuding – is in house 1 (the people) so the FBI is there to serve the people and Mars is very active by progression.

And progressed Venus – now in house 12 – indicates the involvement of a woman in the investigation as events unfold.

Major events tipping point

Major progressed Moon is sextile progressed Mars on March 30, 2018 and opposition birth chart Mars on June 26, 2018 and major events pertaining to the FBI’s probe into Russian interference can occur from March 1 to April 27, 2018 and from May 27 to July 25, 2018.


When Donald Trump was elected President a wave of anger, disgust and resentment (Mars) swept the nation.

But the aggressive Mars energy wasn’t dissipated.

In one instance it was mobilized into action and in the second half of 2017 a recording of the new president made in 2005 was instrumental in propelling the #MeToo social movement into a cultural phenomenon.

In 2017 the actions of silence breakers ‘unleashed one of the highest-velocity shifts in American culture since the 1960s.’

It changed the way American’s talk about sexual misconduct forever; and both sides of politics are grappling with sexual misconduct allegations.

And you might be right in thinking that women are on the march and out to get Donald Trump. The outrage triggered by his vulgar 2005 tape that surfaced in October 2016 won’t go away.

By year’s end over 100 power brokers had resigned and we have no doubt that many movers and shakers are shaking in their boots.

It’s essentially a house 5 (sex and sexual misconduct) and women’s issue (Venus) and in America’s chart progressed Saturn in house 6 (the ruler of house 5) was trine birth chart Venus in house 2.

This aspect has many years to run and major developments are set to occur.

America’s chart progressed to December 31, 2018

Chart data: July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, Pa (39N57: 75W09) at 2.14.35am.

Three new progressions define 2018

In September 2017 progressed Sun in house 10 (Donald Trump and his administration) moved to form a semisquare (friction) aspect with birth chart Pluto in house 9 (the Constitution and Supreme Court).

The Sun is the planet of politics, political leaders and power brokers; and Pluto is the planet of drastic events, coercion, harassment and criminal activity.

Then in August 2018 the Sun moves to house 11 (Congress).

The Sun-Pluto semisquare aspect reaches peak power on September 26, 2018.

It forecasts drastic events; political crimes; corruption in high places; a court case involving a powerful politician; a political/Constitutional crisis involving Congress; widespread cybercrime; and criminal interference in the 2018 midterm elections.

In October 2017 progressed Venus in house 12 (secrets and silence) moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect with birth chart Pluto in house 9 (the courts, internet, television, radio and social media).

Venus is the planet of women and women’s issues.

Pluto is the planet of groups, gang methods, harassment and intimidation.

The aspect forecasts a court case involving a group of women; drastic action by women’s groups; disunity within women’s groups; groups ganging up against women; court decisions adversely affecting women’s rights; a legal system that fails victims of sexual harassment; dictatorial methods and an acute crisis for the courts.

It reaches peak power on September 26, 2018.

And in December 2017 progressed Midheaven in house 5 (entertainment, sport, speculation, gambling, children and sex) moved to form a high-discord conjunction aspect with birth chart Saturn.

The Midheaven is the marker for honor, business and publicity.

Saturn is the planet of work, responsibility, economy and loss.

Several scenarios are in play: a business slow-down; a slump on Wall Street; adversity for the President; and/or reputational damage for America.

The aspect reaches peak power in December 2018 and could play a significant role in November’s midterm election.

Saturn in some respects rules the Democrats. Its constituents include the workers and those on the bottom rung of the financial ladder.

Its more progressive social policies bear the mark of Uranus.

Progressed Midheaven

Jupiter and Saturn are the business planets and in November 2006 progressed Jupiter in house 2 (finances) moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect with birth chart Saturn in house 5 (speculation, entertainment and children).

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and Saturn is the planet of economy and austerity; and their long running square aspect forecasts periods of financial liberalism and fiscal conservatism.

Whatever, it’s having an adverse influence on America’s financial fortunes.

The aspect never peaks and will hang around to 2045.

But in 2018 progressed Midheaven is conjunction birth chart Saturn and in June 2018 progressed Midheaven in house 5 (speculation) moves to form a square aspect with progressed Jupiter in house 2 (finances).

This unique set up involving the business planets and the marker for business activity forecasts financial problems and a difficult time for business.

Progressed Midheaven square progressed Jupiter reaches peak power in June 2019.

Business activity and financial trends are mixed

Trump is a businessman and his administration has introduced polices and reforms that favor big business with the expectation that some of the benefits (job creation and higher wages) will trickle down to benefit the middle class and workers.

Mars is the planet of manufacturing and the manufacturing sector is experiencing radical – Aquarian Age – technological change with the introduction of robots possessing artificial intelligence.

In 2018 two trine (luck) aspects involving Mars favor manufacturing; progressed Saturn in house 6 trine (luck) birth chart Venus in house 2 favors employment, work and the farming and mining sectors; but progressed Jupiter in house 2 square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn in house 5 forecasts financial difficulties and cost cutting measures.

Jupiter is afflicted

Progressed Mercury in house 10 is sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Jupiter; progressed Jupiter in house 2 is square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn; and in June 2018 progressed Midheaven moves to form an obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Jupiter.

These afflictions to Jupiter favor extravagance, financial setbacks, misplaced optimism, misguided policy making and financial waste.

The people are discontent and angry

Progressed Uranus conjunction and parallel birth chart ascendant (the people) and progressed ascendant parallel birth chart Mars (in house 1) forecast social discontentment, radical extremism, racism, protests and demonstrations and high levels of anger, hate, strife and violence.

Uranus is not a harmonious planet.

He does see the need for reform and technological innovation but, socially, his extremism and intolerance towards those who are different are highly destructive.

And Mars is definitely not a harmonious planet.

Trine (luck) aspects involving Mars do incline towards constructive action but achievement always involves strife, conflict and strenuous effort. And there are two harmonious trine aspects involving Mars in America’s chart.

That said…high levels of discontentment and anger will be evident throughout 2018.


In America’s chart house 11 – Congress – is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune (Pisces on the cusp).

In 2017 progressed ascendant in house 7 was square birth chart Neptune – planet of chaos in house 5; and progressed Mercury in house 10 was sesquisquare birth chart Jupiter – planet of optimism – in house 2 (finances).

And the chaos, poor judgments, obstacles and agitation these aspects mapped were evident as Congress blundered through 2017.

A significant change occurs to house 11 in August 2018 when progressed Sun – planet of politics, political leaders and power brokers – moves there.

And progressed Sun is semisquare birth chart Pluto in house 9 (the Constitution).

So, in 2018, with progressed ascendant square birthchart Neptune (chaos); progressed Mercury (time) sesquisquare birth chart Jupiter (finances) and progressed Sun (political events and Donald Trump) semisquare birth chart Pluto (criminal activity, disunity and drastic developments) Congress is dealing with a chaotic legislative agenda, financial pressures, a political crisis and a midterm election where the stakes are very, very high.

Pluto and the Constitution

In America’s chart house 9 – the Constitution, Supreme Court, new laws, courts and court cases – is ruled by Pluto and Saturn (Capricorn on the cusp) and in 2018 it’s high in discord.

Progressed Sun  in houses 10/11 is semisquare birth chart Pluto, progressed Venus in house 12 is square birth chart Pluto; progressed Jupiter is square birth chart Saturn; and progressed Midheaven is conjunction birth chart Saturn.

With Pluto you enter the insidious world of gang methods, coercion, harassment, corruption, shady-deals, duplicity, criminal, activity and dishonesty and Pluto is very active in 2018.

The house 9 discord can forecast a Constitutional crisis involving the Supreme Court.

Major events tipping point

Major progressed Moon is semisquare progressed Saturn on April 2, 2018 and major events pertaining the Constitution and Supreme Court can occur from March 4 to May 1, 2018.

The opioid epidemic (Neptune)

In 2017 with progressed ascendant (the people) in house 7 square birth chart Neptune (opioids) in house 5 the opioid epidemic in America became a national emergency.

The aspect ends in May 2019 so the crisis will claim many more young lives before then.

Major events tipping point

Progressed Moon is conjunction progressed ascendant in August 2018 and square birth chart Neptune on August 7, 2018 and major events and developments pertaining to the opioid epidemic can occur in July and August 2018.

The US midterm elections – November 6, 2018

This political contest will receive non-stop media coverage throughout 2018.

Will the Republicans maintain their control over both houses or will the American voters give Donald Trump the thumbs down and elect Democrat majorities?

This chart can’t answer that question but progressed Sun in house 11 (Congress) semisquare birth chart Pluto – the planet of groups and drastic situations – does seem to forecast a high-stake political contest involving two powerful political groups – the Republicans and  Democrats.

And with Pluto in house 9 the result could end up being decided by the courts.

Pluto stands for everything that is vile, corrupt and despicable and the fake-news websites (house 9) will be working overtime dishing up the dirt. Russian interference can be expected.

Whatever, in the Sun section of the Aquarian age politics is a brutal, no holds barred blood sport. And that’s what the 2018 US midterm elections will be.

The data for this chart comes from Dr James D Keifer.

In 1908 he quoted ‘an acquaintance who was a descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence’.

The chart has 7 Gemini 35 on the ascendant and is known as the Gemini Rising chart.

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