Mars parallel Pluto (4/2018 – 7/2025)

Your country’s Aquarian Age chart is a forecast model that times when events and developments of national and international importance are likely to occur.

It’s a mathematical model that permits the assessment of harmony – consensus, cooperation, peace and prosperity – and discord – dissonance, difficulty, risk and danger – and Mars parallel Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart is a high-discord energy event.

It commenced in April 2018 and reaches peak power on November 22, 2021; and its discord forecasts dangerous developments and risks of the worst kind. It’s as bad as it gets.

Here on Earth weather warnings are color coded.

Yellow indicates that severe bad weather is possible. Amber indicates that its likelihood has increased; and red indicates that extremely bad weather is expected. Red means you should take action to keep yourself and others safe and that widespread damage, power disruption and risk to life are likely.

The risk of fire is measured as: low-moderate, high, very high, severe, extreme and catastrophic; and during a wildfire an emergency warning indicates you may be in danger and need to take immediate action – any delay may put your life at risk.

A red alert indicates a state of impeding danger when applied to a weather event or enemy attack and progressed Mars parallel Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart has a red alert. Red is the color of Mars.

But in 1947 a group of concerned scientists, in response to the threats posed by nuclear weapons, proposed a quite different warning system.

Their Doomsday Clock warns humanity of how close the world is to catastrophe – with midnight being the disaster moment.

The nearer the clock is to midnight the closer the Earth is to calamity; and over the years the clock’s hands have moved forwards and backwards as threats came and went and the world changed.

The Doomsday Clock

The clock simply demonstrates how close humanity is to destroying the world with dangerous technologies of its own making.

In 1947 the Doomsday Clock was set at 7 minutes to midnight; in 1949, after the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb, it was changed to three minutes to midnight; and in 1953 it was adjusted to two minutes to midnight after America and the Soviet Union tested thermonuclear devices.

In 1991 with the end of the cold war the clock was set at seventeen minutes to midnight but since then it’s been ticking ever closer to midnight.

In 2017 it was set at two and half minutes to midnight. (In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars was parallel birth chart Pluto and progressed Mercury was opposition birth chart Mars.)

Then in 2018 it ticked closer to the doomsday moment when it was set at 2 minutes to midnight. (In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars had moved to form a parallel aspect with progressed Pluto elevating the Mars-Pluto risk level.)

And in 2019 based on threats posed by nuclear war, climate change, information warfare and disruptive technologies the Doomsday Clock was again set at two minutes to midnight.

And this setting accurately measures the destructive threat posed by Mars parallel Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart.

(With progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus in 2020 we consider the threat level has ticked a little closer to midnight.)

Global astrology is an early warning system

The scientists who set the Doomsday Clock produce a bulletin detailing progress and updates in nuclear weaponry. They assess world trends and the actions and inactions of human actors on the world stage. They inform the public about threats to the survival and development of humanity.

They use their Doomsday Clock as a metaphor to send a message that the world isn’t doing fine. But their clock can’t predict an actual immediate threat or when it’s likely to occur.

These scientists don’t know about global astrology.  They don’t know about global cycle charts and sky charts. They don’t have access to the Aquarian Age chart which scripts and times humanity’s story. They think that astrological data doesn’t count.

But global astrology is an early warning system. The charts used permit the assessment of astrological energy-events before they occur and time when an energy-event can produce an event here on Earth. Very few people know – few are listening.

Mars + Pluto = dangerous threats

In 2020 the threats posed by Mars parallel Pluto are the threats posed by nuclear war, climate change, information warfare, hate and division. They indicate problems that need to be solved.

Information warfare is all about propaganda and misinformation and it’s a no-brainer – you need reliable – factual – information about your world and yourself to thrive, prosper and reach your full potential. We consider misinformation and the inversion of facts to be humanity’s greatest menace.

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, anger, hate, disputation, aggressive force, violence, war, missiles, bombs, guns, vice, banditry, explosions, the military, police, accidents, doctors, surgeons, fires, fire storms, fire fighters, competition, athletes, sex, gambling, alcohol, speed, manufacturing and mechanics.

Pluto is the planet of groups, cooperation, coercion, threats, disunity, division, crime, corruption, misinformation, inversion, atheism, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, drastic events, radio, television, websites and internet.

Mars parallel Pluto forecasts a rapid growth in terror groups, (22 operate in Afghanistan), terror attacks, an age of terror, ultra-violent crimes, brutal murders, atrocities, war crimes, army coups, human rights violations by dictators, soldiers and police officers and nuclear accidents.

It forecasts cybercrime, cyber attacks, cyber warfare, exploitation, harassment, the persecution of minorities, sexual misconduct, rape, mob rule, chronic division and squabbling, coercion, threats, intimidation, enforced cooperation, kidnappings, the aggressive proliferation of misinformation, the suppression of facts, a war on truth, massive crowds on the streets and widespread corruption.

The big threat

It’s a very dangerous time – the risks and threats are very high

The big threat is nuclear war. Feuding powers – India, Pakistan, America, North Korea, Russia and China – are nuclear powers. The UN Security Council is jam-packed with nuclear powers. All the major powers are developing new bombs, new missiles and new ways of launching them.

With Mars parallel Pluto the alpha powers are building up their military forces and there’s an escalating arms race, military cooperation and weapons control agreements that don’t mean much. It’s Mars and his military officers that make plans to fight and prevail in a nuclear war (Pluto).

The war language of Mars and the intimidation language of Pluto send a sinister threat: Cooperate with me or I’ll have you shot.

Mars and Pluto sign for hate groups, hate crimes, human rights abuses, mass murders, mass executions, mass extinctions, threats, intimidation and coercion. And as protests turn into mass demonstrations they easily turn violent.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, the sign of death, and the death toll on planet Earth keeps going up.

But right-minded warriors are fighting the Mars-Pluto discord.

International Physicians for the prevention of Nuclear War, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace oppose uranian mining and nuclear war; the FBI and security agencies fight crime; doctors fight to save lives in the war zones; humanitarian groups fight injustice and inequality; cyber spy agencies fight online crime; fact checkers fight misinformation; and human rights heroes are fighting for your online privacy rights. Just to mention a few.

Author: DW Sutton

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