The planets


The planets, life and you

The full story.

The planets and you

They transmit astral vibrations that impact your soul.

Planets in decanates

More astrological wisdom from the ancient past.

Planets and personal values

What you need to know.

Stable Sun – Changing Moon

The Sun is enduring and stable and the Moon is transient and changing.

How birth chart Moon influences your life

The awakening of tender feelings of parental love.

Moon and Mercury: Two different thought systems

Modern thinking theories are playing catch-up.

Harsh and brutal Mars

It gets a dreadful news rap, but it’s not all bad.

Neptune, the spark of genius

Extrasensory perception manifests in a remarkable degree relative to a particular subject.

The upper-octave planets

They express a higher grade or thinking and behavior.

Retrograde planets

They relate to the repression of desire.

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