How birth chart Moon influences your life

The Moon cutting the energy fields set up by the Sun and Earth is so composed that the wavelengths and frequencies it transmits into space exert an influence that is mediumistic, plastic, receptive and impressionable.  Its nature is changeable, submissive, sympathetic and gentle.

The Moon gives the power to fructify and nourish, rules the magnetic life currents and represents the molding, formative attributes of the astral world, where all mind resides. 

The Moon in your birth chart maps your mind or mentality. It’s where impressions from both the external world and inner-plane most readily reach your unconscious mind. And your mind molds, nourishes and gives form to the impressions it receives.

The general polarity or trend of your mentality is shown by the sign and decanate occupied by the Moon in your birth chart.

The Moon is strongly associated with your domestic life. It furnishes those experiences which associate you with domesticity, the home, children, dependents, and food. It reveals your relations in general with the female sex and the common people.  It’s the source of time, tune and sublimity.

The Moon’s benefic influence expresses in your domestic life as a love of home and offspring. Your domestic ties and those experiences with home and parenthood give rise to ideals, the expression of emotion, and an appreciation of that which is sublime. The Moon tends to awaken feelings and gives the ability to sublimate them into lofty endeavors.

Your thoughts and feelings

Thoughts are vibrations in astral substance, and according to the manner in which they enter your unconscious mind, form into compounds which work to attract fortune or misfortune. 

If the feeling is harmonious, the thoughts enter into favorable compounds which work to attract good fortune and happiness. And as the domestic thought-cell group in your unconscious mind, mapped by the Moon in your birth chart, is open to both harmony and discord, it has an unusually important influence over your life.

Every experience you have adds new motions to your astral form and, as they organize into definite thoughts, they become the source of mental force. So you can make every experience, no matter its nature, a mental asset. But whether an experience becomes a constructive factor in your mentality, or a destructive factor, depends upon your mental attitude towards it.

If you view the experience as a source of pain, or as something merely interfering with your desires, it sets up discordant and disintegrative vibrations in your astral body that are inclined to attract mishap and misfortune. But if the experience is welcomed as a step in your progress, and its pleasant or beneficial feature sought out, it sets up harmonious and integrative vibrations in your astral form that tend to attract good fortune. 

By using the proper attitude every experience in your life can be made to add energy to your mind in a way that not only increases your mental force, but leads to spiritual power.

Your character, at any given time, is the result of your combined thoughts and experiences up to that time and you can cultivate noble thoughts and high aspirations that will build the kind of character you desire: And as your character is changed, so is your destiny. 

To the extent that your tender emotions of family life find expression, and to the extent that your thoughts and feelings have concern for the welfare of others, they displace family discords and other thoughts and feelings that may relate strictly to self. 

Your tender feelings and emotions in connection with your home life and parental love can be expanded to embrace some larger section of the human race (Pluto).

So, you should consider your domestic life something more than a mere social expedient. It is the material shadow of glorious possibilities on a higher plane of life.


Author: Lenora Conwell

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